Cauliflower Plants

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Cauliflower 'All Year Round' (Start-A-Garden™ Range)

Britain's most popular cauliflower and one of the most reliable for summer and autumn use. A compact plant habit with white, tight heads (curds) for eating raw or steamed.  More Info

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Cauliflower 'White Step' F1 Hybrid (Autumn)

A compact cauliflower that's ideal for small gardens! Cauliflower 'White Step' produces solid, pure white curds which measure around 10cm (4) in diameter - a perfect 2-portion size. With good heat tolerance, these cauliflower plants transplant well in the summer…  More Info

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Cauliflower 'Veronica' (Summer/Autumn)

Cauliflower 'Veronica' is an RHS AGM Romanesco type producing attractive heads of individual florets with lovely spirals from late summer to early frosts, from successional plantings. The season can be extended by protecting the heads against frost with fleece. Height: 45cm …  More Info

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Cauliflower 'Boris' F1 Hybrid

…soil! If you're new to cauliflower growing or have had poor results in the past Cauliflower Boris is for you! This really is a gardener-friendly variety. Vigorous root systems support healthy plant growth and erect foliage formation for a tidy, manageable crop.…  More Info

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Cauliflower Romanesco precoce

…In fact, romanesco has been around since the 16th century and predates broccoli and cauliflower. Sometimes referred to as caulibroc or broccoflower, the flavour of cooked romanesco sits somewhere between cauliflower and broccoli, but with an added tasty ?nuttiness?.…  More Info

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Cauliflower Late Summer Collection

…summer cauliflowers and are superbly delicious. They are packed with minerals and vitamins and can be enjoyed in many ways such as boiling, crying, baking and even raw. Nautilus F1 has upright leaves producing an attractive and easy to cut crop. It will be ready just 77 to…  More Info

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Cauliflower 'Goodman' (Summer) - Organic Seeds

This high yielding organic cauliflower produces reliable, top quality, uniform curds that can be cut from midsummer onwards. The well protected, firm, pure white heads of Cauliflower 'Goodman' are quick to mature on vigorous plants that can be cropped just 80 to 90…  More Info

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Cauliflower 'All The Year Round' (Spring/ Summer/Autumn) (Seeds)

…unlike most varieties of Cauliflower, it can be sown and harvested in succession in the Spring, Summer and Autumn. The hardy biennial produces a fantastic crop of dwarf vegetables, which have tight, white heads surrounded by green leaves. Brassica oleracea should be   More Info

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