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Cauliflower 'All The Year Round' (Spring/ Summer/Autumn) (Seeds)

Cauliflower 'All The Year Round' is so named because, unlike most varieties of Cauliflower, it can be sown and harvested in succession in the Spring, Summer and Autumn. The hardy biennial produces a fantastic crop of dwarf vegetables, which have tight, white heads surrounded…  More Info

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Brassica Collection

This Brassica Collection combines your favourite clubroot resistant cabbage, brussels sprout and cauliflower in one selection. This collection provides a delicious supply of greens that can be harvested between September and December. Height: 75cm (30). Spread: 50cm (20). Supplied…  More Info

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Cauliflower Clapton

Over 18 years of conventional breeding have been invested in this clubroot resistant variety. Cauliflower 'Clapton' is the first cauliflower with resistance to this devastating brassica disease. Depending on its sowing time this versatile variety matures from late summer to…  More Info

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Brassica Summer Collection

…can be prone to club root disease. These four varieties have been developed by breeders over 18 years and all have good resistance against the disease. The collection includes: Broccoli Sprouting 'Summer Purple', Cabbage 'Summer Jewel F1', Calabrese 'Green Magic F1' and   More Info

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Cauliflower 'Pavilion' F1 Hybrid (Autumn)

RHS AGM variety, Cauliflower 'Pavilion' is Australian bred producing premium quality, deep, pure white curds during late September and October. The curds are well protected against frosts by leaves which prolong the curd quality and extend the cropping season. Height: 45cm (18).…  More Info

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Brassica 'Clubroot Resistant Collection'

…F1 - 2kg, autumn ballheads with a solid, dense structure.* Cabbage ?Lodero? F1 - The first red club root resistant cabbage.* Cabbage ?Savoy Cordesa? F1 - Compact, heavily crinkled leaves that stands well.* Cauliflower ?Clapton? F1 - An exceptional autumn cauliflower  More Info

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