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VegTrug™ by Vegtrug Ltd Poppy Classic

…with a built in membrane to protect and aerate plant roots. It holds 33 litres of compost and is deep enough for root vegetables such as beetroot and carrots, as well as spring bulbs. Available in the following colours: Red, Black, Purple. Product dimensions: Height:…  More Info

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Carrot 'Sweet Imperator Mix' F1 Hybrid

…(6). Carrot 'Sweet Imperator Mix' comprises: Carrot ?Honeysnax? F1 - Bright orange. From the acclaimed ?Sugarsnax? programme. Carrot ?Creampak ?F1 - Cream skinned roots. Carrot ?Snowman? F1 - Bright white with a uniform taper. Carrot ?Yellow Bunch…  More Info

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