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Nepenthes alata (House Plant)

Grow this fascinating pitcher plant, Nepenthes alata, in your home and it?s bound to draw some interest. This intriguing carnivorous plant not only makes an attractive and interesting feature in your home but it doubles up as a fly catcher too! The plants are upright but have large…  More Info

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Sarracenia species 'New Hybrids Mixed'

Seemingly innocent, the leaves of the pitcher plant have evolved into water-filled funnels that hide a sinister purpose. These intriguing carnivorous plants devour insects to improve their diet and counter poor nitrogen levels in the soils of their natural habitats. Lured by the…  More Info

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Drosera paradoxa (House Plant)

A unique Tropical Sundew which originates from Australia. Drosera paradoxa is a carnivorous plant that catches insects using its bright sticky pads and then digests them slowly. It needs a warm climate of around 18C (65F) or above, throughout the whole year. This Sundew isn't the…  More Info

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Sarracenia leucophylla (House Plant)

…unusual house plant that will certainly draw attention, look no further than Sarracenia leucophylla. Commonly known as the Pitcher plant, this carnivorous plant produces slender, deeply veined pitchers that colour to crimson red at their open mouths. The pitchers lure…  More Info

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Dionaea Muscipula (Venus Fly Trap)

Found naturally in the wet savannahs and swamps of south-east USA this is one of the most popular carnivorous plants. The Venus Fly Trap lures its insect victims onto it's 'traps' with the promise of nectar, before snapping shut around the insect, trapping it in a leafy prison. This…  More Info

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Drosera capensis

This lovely Cape Sundew will add interest to your windowsill. Drosera capensis is a carnivorous marsh loving perennial which prefers to be stool in a saucer of preferably rain water. It has long sticky leaves which look like dew drops, these attract insects especially the small ones…  More Info

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Drosera aliciae

Drosera aliciae is an unusual carnivorous houseplant forming adorable rosettes of spoon-shaped leaves. The leaves are covered in striking bright red hairs, each bearing a droplet of sticky liquid at the tip, which gives the plant a sparkly appearance and traps insects such as midges…  More Info

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