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Canna Lillies

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Canna 'Tropicanna Gold'

…not bring a touch of tropical glamour to your garden? Canna ?Tropicanna Gold? should fit the bill. The sensational ?statement? plant features stunning golden flowers, towering majestically above large multi-coloured leaves. Your exotic Canna ?Tropicana Gold? will look…  More Info

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Canna x generalis 'Cannova Bronze'

Surrounded by exotic looking canna lilies in your garden you?d be forgiven for thinking you were living in the tropics. These flamboyant plants, whilst still tender, will grow very easily during our British Summers. Canna x generalis 'Cannova Bronze' has showy bronze-hued…  More Info

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Canna x generalis 'Cannova Collection'

…(12).* Canna ?Cannova Collection?comprises:* Canna ?Cannova Red? - Striking red Canna Lily flowers are held above large, dark green leaves. * Canna ?Cannova Bronze? - Bronzed red Canna Lily flowers contrast beautifully with the dark green foliage.…  More Info

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Canna x generalis 'Cannova Yellow'

Surrounding yourself with exotic looking, tropical canna lilies in your garden has now become even easier with the introduction of Canna x generalis 'Cannova Yellow'. These showy plants will grow readily in our British climate, planted in large containers on the patio or even…  More Info

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Canna x generalis 'Cannova Red'

Adding a tropical feel to your garden couldn?t be easier with Canna x generalis 'Cannova Red'. These showy, exotic looking plants are surprisingly easy to grow even in our British climate, Keep them in large pots on the patio and watch as the large, deep green leaves unfurl upwards…  More Info

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