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Anthemis sancti-johannis

Named because it blooms around St John?s Day, 24 June, Anthemis sancti-johannis will flower its socks off a good month, providing a dazzling wave of orange daisies held on upright stalks. The flowers have large ray and disc florets, the whole flower being about 2? in diameter, and are a beacon for…  More Info

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Chamomile (Wild or German)

Daisy-like flowers with yellow centres and feathery foliage which has an apple smell when crushed. Wild chamomile leaves make a delicious soothing chamomile tea, skin wash or shampoo. This delicate annual is also ideal for filling gaps at the front of flower borders. Please note: This variety is not…  More Info

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Anthemis Tinctoria 'Sauce Hollandaise'

Like other Anthemis, ?Sauce Hollandaise? is perfect for drought-prone spots in Mediterranean gardens, cottage-style borders and on dry banks. It forms mounds of fine green basal foliage and throughout June produces a generous display of creamy yellow daisies with darker centres held on long stems,…  More Info

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Salad Leaves 'Fancy Summer Mix'

An exciting blend of salad leaves, Fancy Summer Mix salad leaves add a range of colours, tastes and textures to your salads. The blend of niche leaves consists of Landcress, Golden Purslane, Orach Scarlet Emperor, Chamomile, Wild Rocket, Tree Spinach and shungiku. Sow seeds in succession, pick…  More Info

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