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Camellia 'Tricolour'

Camellias are hugely popular low-maintenance shrubs which provide beautiful blooms from early spring, set against a backdrop of glossy evergreen foliage. Camellia 'Tricolour' is the result of a unique growing concept which gives the illusion of three flower colours on one plant. We supply you with…  More Info

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Camellia 'Yuletide'

Bright red flowers stand out brightly against the glossy evergreen foliage of Camellia 'Yuletide'. Aptly named, this hardy shrub is at its best over the Christmas period when its scarlet red blooms are produced in abundance. Each bloom features a large cluster of contrasting yellow stamens that make…  More Info

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Camellia rosthorniana 'Cupido'

…exhilarating display of spring blooms with this superb new compact Camellia. Red-flushed new foliage compliments the deep pink flowers buds which emerge to reveal pretty, pendulous white-pink blooms. With a neat pyramidal habit, Camellia 'Cupido' makes an ideal specimen for a large container on a…  More Info

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Camellia 'Brushfield's Yellow'

Camelia japonica is probably one of the best know varieties of this truly striking evergreen shrub. Camellia ?Brushfield?s Yellow? is guaranteed to give you a stunning spring display with its glossy leaves reflecting the sunlight, and the beautiful blooms opening to reveal their white outer petals…  More Info

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Camellia '1001 Summer Nights' Jasmine

Imagine the luxurious blooms of spring flowering Camellias in the height of summer! Now that dream has become a reality with Camellia '1001 Summer Nights' Jasmine. Bred in China by Mr. Gao Jiyin, who has worked with camellia for over 50 years, and his colleagues Mr. Zhao Qiangmin and Mr. Liu Xinkai.…  More Info

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Camellia japonica 'Doctor King'

…way to brighten up your borders in spring, low maintenance Camellia japonica 'Doctor King' bursts into bloom with masses of crimson flowers, each centred with a bright yellow eye for that extra pop of colour. This gorgeous Camellia variety comes alive in spring and puts on a fabulous show that…  More Info

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Marigold 'Scarlet Sophie'

Spectacular camellia-like blooms - uniquely different, the rich russet red flowers trimmed with gold change to flame red as the flower ages. Early and smothered with blooms all season. Recommended for beds, borders, pots, window boxes etc. Flowers all summer. Height: 25-30cm (10-12in). Culinary…  More Info

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Begonia x tuberhybrida 'Camelia'

Give your patio the ?wow? factor with this sumptuous Begonia. The fully double blooms of Begonia x tuberhybrida 'Camelia' are deep, rose-pink with a white picotee edge that really catches the eye. Like most tuberous Begonias, this variety is free flowering from July right through to the first frosts…  More Info

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Camellia 'Golden Anniversary'

Perfect symmetry and layers of crisply fashioned petals in a luminous creamy-yellow make Camellia ‘Golden Anniversary’ an exquisite variety. It makes a special gift for a golden wedding anniversary and one which will continue to give enjoyment for years ahead. Late flowering from April…  More Info

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Camellia 'Margaret Davis'

Not much is happening in the garden in February, so this early flowering, exquisitely bi-coloured Camellia comes as a real treat. Winner of an RHS Award of Garden Merit, Camellia ‘Margaret Davis’ produces an abundance of double, ruffled flowers from February to April. Measuring about…  More Info

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Chempak® Ericaceous Fertiliser

Soluble plant food for rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas, camellias, most heathers and conifers, pieris and other acid-loving plants. Directions for use: Chempak Ericaceous Fertiliser is a multifunctional product providing essential trace elements unavailable in high pH soils and an acidifier to…  More Info

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Chrysanthemum 'Decorative'

Superb for cutting! Strong stems carry splendid blooms up to 10cm (4) across. An exuberant display of colour for late summer borders. Height: 90cm (36). Supplied as 35mm plugs.* Pack comprises: * Chrysanthemum 'Beppie Red'* Chrysanthemum 'Gompie Purple'* Chrysanthemum 'Camelia Bronze' *…  More Info

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Camellia 'E G Waterhouse'

An award-winning williamsii hybrid, Camellia ‘Waterhouse’ is notably vigorous, free blooming and extremely hardy, tolerating some of the harshest conditions. Densely petalled, double, fuschia-pink flowers around 10cm (4in) across from March to April. The luminous flowers shine against a…  More Info

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Stewartia pseudocamellia

This unusual ornamental shrub or multi-stemmed tree delivers multiple seasons of interest with attractive mottled bark in winter and early spring, showy summer flowers and stunning autumn colour. Stewartia pseudocamellia makes an exceptional specimen for a sheltered position in neutral to acid soil.…  More Info

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Ericaceous Compost

A garden essential for acid-loving plants! Camellias, Blueberries, and Rhododendrons, to name but a few, will all thank you for this compost when you pot them up. Ericaceous compost has a low, acid pH which allows acid-loving plants to absorb iron and other nutrients properly. In ordinary compost…  More Info

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Camellia sasanqua 'Strawberry Swirl'

…grow Camellia sasanqua 'Strawberry Swirl' in a woodland border to extend interest until late in the season. With an upright and open habit, it also suits training as a wall shrub. This autumn flowering hybrid is much hardier than pure sasanqua species, although as with all camellias, it appreciates…  More Info

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Camellia japonica 'Bonomiana'

Accent your spring garden with the striking and unusual pink-streaked double flowers of Camellia japonica 'Bonomiana?. Blooming from mid to late spring, you can enjoy a long season of interest as this reliable hardy shrub unfurls bloom after bloom, each with their own unique markings for a varied…  More Info

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Camellia 'Chamaeleon'

This amazing camellia features a mixture of red, white and striped double blooms from April to May upon glossy evergreen foliage. Ht. 80cm. Supplied in 3 litre pot. Culinary information: The flowers can be used as garnishes but are also dried and then cooked in Asian cuisine. For more details about…  More Info

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Camellia 'Blooming Wonder Red'

Camellias are striking evergreen shrubs loved for their showy spring blooms and glossy evergreen foliage. Camellia 'Blooming Wonder Red' bears a profusion of perfectly formed, brilliant red double blooms, which open from fat, pointed buds in April and May. This free-flowering Camellia is perfect for…  More Info

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Bulb Bumper Pack

Pack your pots, borders and baskets with bright summer colour with this Bulb Bumper Pack. This versatile selection has something for everyone. Relax on the patio and enjoy the scent and sight of vibrant freesias and towering lilies then enjoy them again indoors as vase displays. Fill baskets with…  More Info

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Camellia 'Spring Festival'

One of the most popular varieties of camellia, whose winning attributes have been recognised with an RHS Award of Garden Merit. Camellia ‘Spring Festival’ is a welcome sight in spring, being one of the first to come into growth, the new leaves emerging with bronze tints. An early…  More Info

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Camellia 'Blooming Wonder White'

Camellias are striking evergreen shrubs loved for their showy spring blooms and glossy evergreen foliage. Camellia 'Blooming Wonder White' bears a profusion of ruffled, creamy-centred double blooms, which open from fat, pointed buds in April and May. This free-flowering Camellia is perfect for…  More Info

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Camellia 'Blooming Wonder Pink'

Camellias are striking evergreen shrubs loved for their showy spring blooms and glossy evergreen foliage. Camellia 'Blooming Wonder Pink' bears a profusion of perfectly formed, rose pink double blooms, which open from fat, pointed buds in April and May. This free-flowering Camellia is perfect for…  More Info

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Camellia japonica

A classic beauty of the early spring garden, Camellia japonica delivers exquisite blooms when little else is flowering. Ideal for part shade in borders with acid soil, Camellias are also very happy grown in containers filled with ericaceous compost, providing early colour on the patio. Their glossy…  More Info

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