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Callistemon 'Honey Pot'

…butterflies and other beneficial pollinators, Callistemon ‘Honey Pot’ is also a feast for the eyes, featuring unusual yellow bottlebrush flowers. Excellent compact habit perfect for smaller gardens and containerised growing. Callistemon are exotic looking shrubs with elegant, arching…  More Info

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Callistemon 'Amarette'

…grower of Australasian plants. Callistemon ?Amarette? is distinguished by its well-branching and compact habit with lots of short, jointed growth which means even more lovely red-pink bottlebrush flowers. It also features excellent winter hardiness down to -12C. Callistemon are exotic looking shrubs…  More Info

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Callistemon 'Inferno'

Callistemon ‘Inferno’ is a fabulous new selection which offers three seasons of interest. Stiff evergreen foliage brightens up dull winter days before bursting into deep-red bottlebrush flowers in late spring and summer followed by glowing orange foliage in autumn. ‘Inferno’…  More Info

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Callistemon laevis 7.5 Litre Pot x 1

Callistemon laevis makes a stunning specimen for a sunny, south or west facing wall or as a container feature on a sun-baked patio. From spring to summer, it is covered in cylindrical flower spikes of intense crimson, making an eye-catching exotic specimen in mild gardens or it can be grown in a…  More Info

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Callistemon Trio

…of new Callistemon varieties features compact growth, evergreen winter foliage, fabulously exotic flowers and improved winter hardiness. It also includes the unusual yellow-flowered 'Honeypot' and the wonderful 'Inferno' which explodes into fiery orange tints in the autumn. Callistemon are valued…  More Info

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Callistemon 'Beeslebuzz Inn'

A wonderful pink selection which makes a stunning departure from the usual, red-flowered varieties. Callistemon ‘Beezlebuzz Inn’ carries large, bright pink flowers that hum with bees from May to July. The vivid flowers are accompanied by aromatic, stiff, evergreen leaves carried on…  More Info

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Callistemon citrinus Splendens 3Litre Pot x 1

Rated as one of the most reliable Callistemons to grow outdoors, Callistemon citrinus ‘Splendens’ is an RHS award-winning variety which produces dramatic, crimson, bottle-brush flowers in spring and summer. In mild or coastal gardens the lax, arching branches can be trained against a…  More Info

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Callistemon viminalis 'Hot Pink'

Ideal for a sheltered corner outdoors, Callistemon viminalis 'Hot Pink' produces fascinating bottle-brush-like flowers in early summer in an eye-catching shade of bright pink. Brilliant as a specimen plant on the patio, this small evergreen shrub also makes a striking feature grown against a…  More Info

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