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Cactus Mix

Cacti are famed for their drought tolerance and low maintenance, making them superb houseplants for sunny windowsills! Our prickly mixture of cacti comes in a diverse range of shapes and species, each with their own unique, spiky appearance. From time to time, when conditions…  More Info

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Rhipsalidopsis Hybrid

This gorgeous forest cacti bursts into a shower of starry, irridescent flowers in the spring. Buds at the end of each segment continue to flare open for many weeks, bringing an explosion of bright colour to a sunny windowsill indoors. Composed of flattened, branching segments it is…  More Info

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Cactus in Decorative Pot

These quirky Cacti make fun gifts for friends and kids and will cheer up your office or home with their smiley, bespectacled pots. Each cacti comes in a 8.5cm plastic pot. Available singly or as a cute trio of contrasting varieties.  More Info

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Cactus Mix (House Plant Seeds)

An exciting mix of all sorts of easy to grow cacti, which are all well suited to window sills, sun rooms or greenhouses. It?s easy to grow a cactus, and this fun mix means that you never know quite what you are going to grow! These low maintenance plants are the perfect way to start…  More Info

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Agave 'Shaka Zulu' (House Plant)

…making it a very low maintenance houseplant. An ideal position is on a sunny windowsill. It can be displayed alone, or even better, as part of a cacti and succulent collection. Height and spread : 45cm (18). Please note: Some houseplants are toxic or harmful to pets if…  More Info

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Cactus 'Special Mix'

All sorts of easy to grow cacti all of which are ideally suited to window-sills, sun rooms or greenhouse. Height 10-60cm (4-24in). Flowering most times of year. Packets should contain: Carnegia gigantes, Ferocactus aconthodes, Ferocactus wislenzii. Lemairocereus thurberi. Opuntis…  More Info

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Nurserymans Choice House Plant Mix

…an intriguing selection of low maintenance plants that will certainly attract attention! This collection will be carefully picked from a range of Cacti, Sempervivum and Cryptanthus plants. These low maintenance plants are perfect for bright windowsills and make a great…  More Info

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