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Lettuce 'Tom Thumb' (Butterhead)

…solid butterhead type with deliciously soft leaves just right for small families or restricted space. Lettuce Butterhead Tom Thumb can be grown as close as 15cm (6in.) apart and makes a useful early crop in a cold frame or cloches. Very fast growing, from an early…  More Info

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Lettuce 'Arctic King' (Butterhead)

Specially bred for autumn sowing, Lettuce 'Arctic King' is well known for its exceptional cold resistance. This large Butterhead variety produces tasty light green heads with crinkled leaves for harvesting in spring. Lettuce 'Autumn King' is suitable for growing outdoors in winter…  More Info

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Organic Lettuce 'Sylvesta' (Butterhead)

Organic Lettuce 'Sylvesta? is a butterhead type which forms a good sized head of thick, flavoursome green leaves. Showing resistance to mildew and aphid, sow this variety successively and you can enjoy a reliable outdoor crop from spring through to late summer. The large outer…  More Info

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Lettuce 'All The Year Round' (Butterhead)

This versatile, reliable Butterhead variety is ideal for successional sowings throughout the year. Medium heads with solid, crisp hearts are produced from hardy reliable plants, even in dry weather. Autumn sowings should be grown under cloches or in a cold greenhouse for…  More Info

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