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Buddleja 'Buzz® 3 in 1'

…in one pot; Indigo, Ivory and Candy Pink. The plants will mingle together beautifully and provide fantastic panicles of honey-scented flowers from June until October that are highly attractive to butterflies and bees. Ideal for a patio pot or feature in a flower bed. Height…  More Info

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Buddleja 'Blue Chip' (Large Plant)

In contrast to traditional Buddleias that can eventually grow too large for many gardens, Buddleja 'Blue Chip' is compact enough to grow in a patio planter, garden border or as a low hedge. An added feature is that it won't seed all over the garden so where you place it is…  More Info

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Buddleja 'Buzz® Collection'

…?Buzz?? is the world's first patio buddleja! These attractive, compact plants are loved by bees and butterflies, but won't take over your garden. Buddleja ?Buzz? is easy to grow and problem-free with a super long-flowering period. Perfectly proportioned for patio pots…  More Info

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Buddleja davidii 'White Ball'

…to pollinating insects, particularly butterflies. It's compact habit makes it perfect for blending into mixed borders, cottage gardens or large patio containers. As with most Buddlejas, this variety thrives in hot, sunny positions where it tolerates drought well. Height and…  More Info

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