Brugmansia Yellow

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Angels Trumpet Tricolour

…of the best and most attractive Brugmansia varieties (white arborea, pink suavolens and yellow aurea) all grown together in one pot to give a breathtaking display of the most amazing Angels Trumpets you will ever see. A combination of white, pink and yellow  More Info

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Brugmansia Collection

…pale green at the base.* Brugmansia Single Red/Orange’ - single red flowers blending into orange shades.* Brugmansia ‘Single White’ - single, pure white flowers fading into pale green at the base.* Brugmansia ‘Yellow’ -…  More Info

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Brugmansia 'Single Yellow'

…but are happy to be pruned back to a permanent framework in the autumn to return to their winter housing. Brugmansia ‘Single Yellow’ has single, golden yellow flowers fading into green at the base. Height: 2m (78). Spread: 1.5m (59). Please note,…  More Info

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