Broccoli Plants

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Broccoli 'Green Magic' (Calabrese)

Broccoli ?Green Magic? produces flavoursome rich green heads which are packed full of health benefits. Loved for its reliable performance, superior flavour and showing good resistance to white rust, its no wonder this variety has earned a prestigious RHS AGM. A sweet flavour and…  More Info

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Cauliflower Romanesco precoce

…In fact, romanesco has been around since the 16th century and predates broccoli and cauliflower. Sometimes referred to as caulibroc or broccoflower, the flavour of cooked romanesco sits somewhere between cauliflower and broccoli, but with an added tasty ?nuttiness?.…  More Info

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Organic Broccoli 'Green Sprouting' (Calabrese)

…and nutritious Organic Broccoli 'Green Sprouting' (Calabrese) provides a wonderfully long harvest of flavoursome heads along with a great crop of tender side shoots. Enjoy a fantastic harvest from late summer onwards - pick the side shoots regularly and these generous   More Info

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Broccoli 'Stromboli' (Calabrese)

This vigorous variety produces firm, tight heads of Broccoli which are early to mature. Broccoli 'Stromboli' is a generous cropper that resists blindness, so you can be sure that each and every plant will earn its place on your vegetable plot! This nutritious crop…  More Info

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Broccoli 'Belstar' F1 Hybrid (Calabrese)

…small beaded heads of Broccoli 'Belstar' have an excellent flavour, and a healthy green colour. The firm heads of this RHS AGM variety remain in good condition for a long time, producing plenty of side shoots once the central head is cut. This tasty variety can be planted…  More Info

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Broccoli 'Burbank' F1 Hybrid (White Sprouting)

Strong, vigorous plants produce a high yield of large, creamy-white spears over several weeks from February. Broccoli 'Burbank' is the first British-bred, F1 hybrid, white sprouting broccoli. This tasty, versatile brassica provides an excellent supply of fresh greens…  More Info

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Candytuft 'Dwarf Fairyland Mixed' (Seeds)

Excellent plants for borders and bedding. Masses of lightly fragrant flowers in a wide colour range, ideally suited to sunny positions. Height: and spread 23cm (9). Culinary information: Both the leaves and flowers of candytuft can be eaten raw and have a taste similar to that of a…  More Info

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Candytuft 'Dwarf Fairy' (Start-A-Garden™ Range)

Showy plants for borders and bedding, with loads of lightly scented flowers throughout the summer in a wide colour range. The ideal last minute border filler. The dried seedheads also make a decorative dried flower. Culinary note: Both the leaves and flowers of candytuft can be…  More Info

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Iberis gibraltarica

Iberis or candytuft plants are extremely easy to grow, but guarantee great results. The gibraltarica variety is no exception, producing clusters of sweet-smelling flowers in May and June. These purple blooms are complemented by linear, evergreen foliage, which also provides a…  More Info

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Candytuft 'Dwarf Fairyland Mixed'

Very easy to grow, low compact plant that comes into flower quickly from seed. The colours of Candytuft Dwarf Fairyland Mixed radiate through lilac, silver, pink , maroon, carmine and white and after flowering leave behind exquisite seed heads - just right for everlasting flower…  More Info

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Iberis sempervirens

…and is a reliable ground cover plant. Candytuft is attractive to pollinating insects too. Height 30cm (12). Spread 50cm (20). Culinary information: Both the leaves and flowers of candytuft can be eaten raw and have a taste similar to that of a sweet broccoli. For more…  More Info

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