Bramley Apple Tree

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Apple (Britain's Favourites Collection)

…Collection comprises 1 tree each of: Apple 'Braeburn' - This well known dessert variety has a great taste, and is easy to grow, early to crop from a young age, and stores very well. Apple 'Bramley's Seedling' - Traditional British cooking apple,  More Info

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Apple Bramleys Seedling

…smaller growth habit, Apple ?Bramley 20? is far more manageable! The large, green fruits have the same delicious flavour as its parent and can be harvested from October. This variety is not self-pollinating so for the heaviest crops it is best grown near another   More Info

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Favourite Fruit Tree Collection

A collection of three fruit trees that will supply you with fresh produce for years and years to come, with a Bramley apple, Cherry 'Stella' and Victoria Plum, you will have the best selection of fruit to bake with, eat fresh from the tree or even make preserves…  More Info

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