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Apple 'Braeburn'

Braeburn is a first class dessert apple - crisp without being hard, and very juicy. This variety can be harvested in October and stores very well. Braeburn is not self-pollinating so for the heaviest crops it is best grown with Cox's Orange Pippin. Height: 3m (9') Rootstock:…  More Info

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Fruit Tree Orchard Collection

…a mini orchard in your own garden and enjoy a wonderful selection of fresh fruits for years to come!* Collection comprises 1 each of: * Apple Braeburn - A first class dessert apple! Crisp and juicy, without being hard. This variety stores particularly well. Height: 3m (9').*…  More Info

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Apple (Britain's Favourites Collection)

…are not self-fertile but will act as suitable pollinators for one another. Root wrap plants supplied. Collection comprises 1 tree each of: Apple 'Braeburn' - This well known dessert variety has a great taste, and is easy to grow, early to crop from a young age, and stores…  More Info

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Apple 'Egremont Russet'

…fertile and easy to grow, making it ideal for gardens where there is only room for one tree. It also makes an excellent pollinator for 'Cox' and 'Braeburn' varieties. Harvest the apples in October, and you can keep them well until January. * Apple rootstocks:* M27 - Extreme…  More Info

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Apple 'Cox's Orange Pippin'

…November and you can store them well into January. Cox's Orange Pippin is not self-pollinating so for the heaviest crops it is best grown with Braeburn. Height: 3m (9') Rootstock: M9/ M26. Supplied as root-wrapped 1m high pruned tree. Useful links: How to plant trees and…  More Info

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