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Bonsai Ligustrum (House Plant)

Better known as Privet, these hardy trees are undemanding and respond well to pruning. Ligustrum makes a superb choice for beginners, being reasonably easy to train into an attractive evergreen Bonsai. The small, dark green leaves form a dense crown above a broad trunk of…  More Info

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Bonsai Carmona microphylla (House Plant)

Carmona microphylla is native to Asia and positively thrives in warm conditions. The Fukien Tea Tree makes a most attractive Bonsai that is well suited to indoor conditions. Small, glossy leaves crown the trunk which becomes attractively gnarled with maturity. At any time…  More Info

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Jacaranda 'Bonsai Blue'

Jacaranda is a stunningly vibrant tree native to South America, now it is possible to have it flowering here in the UK! This is all thanks to its dwarf variety, which was bred in Japan, it can grow up to a height of 1.5m (5?), whereas its full-sized variety reaches heights of over…  More Info

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Bonsai Zelkova (House Plant)

…Elm as it is better known is a deciduous tree with a lovely upright habit. The bright green, pointed leaves have attractive toothed edges. This species is widely grown as a bonsai specimen, prized for its flaking bark and attractive arching crown. Bonsai   More Info

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Bonsai Ficus microcarpa 'Ginseng' in Decorative Pot

Perfect for Bonsai beginners, this Ficus macrocarpa ‘Ginseng’ is a good introduction to this Japanese living art as Ficus species are trouble-free houseplants - just ensure that you give it a spot in bright, indirect light and feed it with liquid fertiliser during the…  More Info

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Acer palmatum 'Atropurpureum'

…specimen tree with a slow growing, compact rounded habit that makes it well suited to growing in small gardens and containers. This variety also makes a very attractive bonsai tree. Height: 3m (10') in 10 years. Supplied in 7cm pots. Pot shown is not supplied…  More Info

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