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Primula vialii

…spikes of bloom open to lilac, giving the flowers a magical two toned effect. Ideal for damp, shady spots and simply stunning in large groups around bog gardens and woodlands. Their stout erect stems also make superb cut flowers for a pretty posy indoors. Ideal companion for…  More Info

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Acorus gramineus 'Ogon'

…yellow leaves, lightly striped with green. This semi evergreen plant enjoys a reliably moist, boggy soil and thrives when submerged in the shallow waters at the edge of ponds. The Japanese Rush will make an eye-catching addition to a damp border, bog garden or pond. Height…  More Info

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Lychnis chalcedonica

…during midsummer, bringing height and interest to the back of a sunny border. Lychnis chalcedonica thrives in a damp, boggy environment and makes a great addition to a bog garden or the edge of a pond or stream. This hardy perennial also holds an RHS AGM. Height: 120cm (48?)…  More Info

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Lysimachia punctata

…slender stems, topped with sunny yellow flower spikes from mid-summer onwards. Golden Lysimachia is ideal for growing in moist perennial borders, bog gardens or pond margins and will thrive in difficult clay soils. Naturalising well in a wild or woodland garden, dotted…  More Info

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Lysimachia ephemerum

…This lovely species of loosestrife is unfortunately rarely seen in UK gardens. An elegant perennial loved by butterflies, it enjoys moist borders and bog gardens - particularly suiting a damp area at the edge of a pond or a stream. Awarded an RHS AGM for its garden…  More Info

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Lychnis chalcedonica

…bringing height and vibrancy to the back of sunny borders. Lychnis chalcedonica enjoys a damp, boggy environment and makes a fine addition to bog gardens and the edge of ponds and streams. Commonly known as Maltese Cross, this hardy perennial also holds an RHS AGM. Height:…  More Info

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