Blueberry Duke

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Blueberry Collection

…garden. Blueberries can be grown in borders on acid soils, or in large patio containers where soils are more alkaline. Height and spread: Up to 180cm (71).* Collection comprises:* Blueberry 'Duke' - A later cropping variety producing good crops in August and…  More Info

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Blueberry 'Duke'

The firm, medium to large, light blue berries of Blueberry 'Duke' have a mildly sweet flavour and retain their fresh quality longer than most varieties. 'Duke' blooms late, which protects the blossoms from the spring frost, but the berries then ripen early. The bushes…  More Info

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Blueberry 'Duke' & fertiliser

A early to mid cropping variety producing good crops in July and early August. Blueberry 'Duke' bears firm, medium sized, light blue berries with a sweet flavour. Upright bushes can become laden with up to 20 lbs of fruit when mature. The delicious fruits retain their…  More Info

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