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Blueberry 'Patriot' (Organic)

…120cm-150cm (4 to 5ft). Although self-fertile, like all Blueberries ‘Patriot’ will produce its best crops if grown with another blueberry to increase pollination. Estimated time to best yields: 28-32 months (16-20 months for 3l potted plant). Useful links:…  More Info

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Blueberry Collection

bushes. Attractive spring flowers and bright autumn foliage make these hardy shrubs a real asset to the garden. Blueberries can be grown in borders on acid soils, or in large patio containers where soils are more alkaline. Height and spread: Up to 180cm (71).*…  More Info

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Blueberry 'Duke'

…medium to large, light blue berries of Blueberry 'Duke' have a mildly sweet flavour and retain their fresh quality longer than most varieties. 'Duke' blooms late, which protects the blossoms from the spring frost, but the berries then ripen early. The bushes are…  More Info

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Blueberry 'Full Season Collection'

…comprises:* Blueberry 'Brigitta' - A late season variety producing large, light blue fruits on sturdy upright bushes.* Blueberry 'Chandler' - The delicious, juicy fruits are produced from the beginning of August until mid September.* Blueberry 'Earliblue…  More Info

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Blueberry 'Brigitta'

…upright bushes. The firm, tasty fruits ripen in late August and have a crisp texture, making them ideal for freezing as well as eating fresh from the bush. Best grown with other blueberry varieties as it is not reliably self fertile and requires cross…  More Info

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Blueberry 'Duke' & fertiliser

A early to mid cropping variety producing good crops in July and early August. Blueberry 'Duke' bears firm, medium sized, light blue berries with a sweet flavour. Upright bushes can become laden with up to 20 lbs of fruit when mature. The delicious fruits retain their…  More Info

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Saskatoon Berry

…foliage. Easier to grow than blueberries as it will grow in any soil, they are super-cold hardy and resistant to all kinds of pests and diseases. The reddish-purple berries are packed with vitamins and antioxidants, perfect to eat fresh from the bush like   More Info

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Blackcurrant 'Big Ben'

The blackcurrants that grow on the 'Big Ben' variety of blackcurrant bush are so huge they could easily be mistaken for blueberries. They are two or three times the size of standard blackcurrants! Once mature, a single bush can produce up to 4.5kg of fruit per year.…  More Info

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