Blueberry 'pink Sapphire'™

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Blueberry 'Pink Sapphire'™

Already creating a sensation in the USA, Blueberry 'Pink Sapphire'? is a remarkable new variety of blueberry that produces abundant clusters of bright pink berries from late July to August. The berries have a lovely sweet flavour and firm texture;…  More Info

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Blueberry 'Powder Blue'

…superb 3 plant collection - comprising 2 of the amazing Blueberry 'Pink Sapphire'? plus 1 delicious Blueberry 'Powder Blue', you will benefit from greatly increased cross pollination and ensure even larger yields of mouth-watering blueberries.  More Info

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Blueberry Colour Duo

…180cm (71"). Collection comprises: Blueberry 'Pink Sapphire'™ - A pink blueberry! This unique new variety provides year-round colour and interest in the garden - not to mention deliciously sweet fruit with a lovely firm…  More Info

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