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Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue'

…as Blue Fescue, this hardy perennial grass forms dense tufts of very fine, silver-blue leaves, creating a soft texture when planted en masse. Short spikes of flowers emerge in midsummer which fade to a light straw colour. With its Mediterranean origins, Festuca glauca…  More Info

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Festuca glauca

With its stiff, arching yet compact foliage and conveniently tidy growing habit, the Blue Fescue is an ornamental grass that won't leave you feeling blue! When grown in the sun its evergreen foliage is a beautiful silvery-blue colour, while its spiky, midsummer flowers…  More Info

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Grasses 'Gold, Black and Red Collection'

Although not true grasses, these evergreen hardy perennials will provide colourful grass-like foliage all year round. Neat clumps of linear leaves give an architectural presence in containers, at the front of borders or dotted throughout rockeries. Height: 30cm (12). Spread: 40cm …  More Info

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Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'

This striking evergreen perennial forms clumps of smooth matt-black, grass-like leaves from which rise dainty stems of contrasting mauve flowers in summer. The bell-shaped blooms are followed by dark inky-blue berries which persist throughout winter for added interest. A stunning contrast…  More Info

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Russian Snowdrop

…bulbs emerge in a flurry of palest blue flowers, etched with dark powder blue stripes. Russian snowdrops enjoy well drained soils and make an eye-catching alternative to traditional spring bulbs. Grow them in borders and rockeries, or naturalise them in grass.  More Info

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English Bluebells

…beauties love to nestle in dappled shade at the base of trees, or for a particularly bold impact, try naturalising them in large informal areas of grass. Bluebell bulbs are ideal for autumn planting. For spring planting choose bluebells in the green. Height: 30 cm (12). Bulb…  More Info

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Allium Bumper Pack

…- The rosy garlic, with its pale pink, loosely formed flower heads growing above narrow, almost grass like leaves. Height 60cm (24). Spread: 10cm (4). (14 bulbs) * Allium caeruleum: - A bright blue variety of allium, with starry flowers on upright stems. Height: 60cm …  More Info

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English Bluebells

…beauties love to nestle in dappled shade at the base of trees, or for a particularly bold impact, try naturalising them in large informal areas of grass. Bluebells in the green are ideal for spring planting. For autumn planting choose bluebell bulbs. Height: 30 cm (12). Only…  More Info

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Shades of Summer Garden Pack

…?Scaredy Cat? plant, this variety of painted nettle bears lush green foliage and dainty blue flowers that make it an attractive addition to borders. (3 plants)* Pennisetum ?Fireworks? ? A popular ornamental grass that adds drama to any border with its deep burgundy…  More Info

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Spring Bulb Bumper Pack

…of vivid blue flowers that look stunning planted in a woodland setting or with other spring bulbs needing virtually no maintenance. Allium sphaerocephalon (45 bulbs)- An understated allium with unusual oval shaped, purple green flower heads, that associates beautifully with…  More Info

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