Blue Daisy

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Perfect Perennial Collection

…50cm (20). Spread: 40cm (16). * Leucanthemum ?Crazy Daisy? - Wonderfully frilly, white, daisy-like blooms with soft buttery yellow centres that perch on upright stems. Height: 60cm (24). Spread: 45cm (18). * Salvia nemorosa ?Salvatore Deep Blue? - A striking perennial…  More Info

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Brachycome iberidifolia 'Bravo'

An exciting mixture of the "Swan River Daisy" in three distinct bright colours: white, blue and violet, each with a striking black centre - plus a few surprise colour combinations too. A valuable bedding and container plant. Awarded a Fleuroselect Quality Mark.…  More Info

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Everlasting Perennial Collection

…purpurea is tough and reliable, coping well on most soils and happily tolerating coastal conditions. * Echinops Ritro - Tight clusters of deep blue flowers form mini-globes on long, strong straight stems of pure silver. The foliage is amazing and quite unique, giving off a…  More Info

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Osteospermum 'Blue Eyed Beauty'

Osteospermum 'Blue Eyed Beauty' produces stunning daisy like yellow blooms. Each yellow petals turns to white at the centre and then a magenta pink tone creates a ring around the contrasting eye. Plant in sunny borders, beds or containers and watch the plants produce the…  More Info

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Best Perennial Collection

…season. Plant them in bold groups for maximum impact! Your collection will consist of 6 plug plants of each of the following varieties: Aquilegia 'Mrs Scott Elliott', Dianthus 'Rockin Red', Doronicum 'Little Leo', Salvia 'Salvatore Blue', Leucanthemum 'Crazy Daisy'  More Info

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Aster 'Aqua Compact' (Autumn Jewels Series)

…will form neatly compact, bushy mounds of small, dark green leaves, smothered with delightful daisies from August through to early November. Aster novi-belgii 'Aqua Compact' is a hardy and reliable dwarf daisy loved by butterflies and bees as a valuable late season…  More Info

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Brachycome iberidifolia 'Little Missy'

Each pretty lilac blue, daisy-like bloom has a distinctive yellow central eye surrounded by a white halo. Brachycome 'Little Missy' blooms over a long period, making it perfect for edging paths and borders or as an eye-catching container plant on a sunny patio. Height and spread:…  More Info

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