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Blueberry 'Duke'

The firm, medium to large, light blue berries of Blueberry 'Duke' have a mildly sweet flavour and retain their fresh quality longer than most varieties. 'Duke' blooms late, which protects the blossoms from the spring frost, but the berries then ripen early. The bushes…  More Info

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Blueberry Collection

…September. Blueberry 'Duke' bears firm, medium sized, light blue berries with a sweet flavour.* Blueberry 'Elliot'- A leading late cropping variety, Blueberry 'Elliot' boasts white flowers which is then followed by medium sized berries with a small dry scar…  More Info

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Blueberry 'Powder Blue'

…in the garden. Blueberry 'Powder Blue' is an attractive addition to patio containers or acidic borders, and the fruits are a tasty addition to jams, pies and muffins. Height and spread if left unpruned: 2.5m (8'). Supplied in a 9cm pot. Blueberry 'Powder Blue' is…  More Info

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Petunia 'Frills & Spills'™ Collection

…double blooms.* Petunia 'Belinda' - Deep inky blue flowers adorn the cascading stems as they tumble from your summer baskets. * Petunia 'Susanna' - Large ruffled blooms in a simple shade of cream.* Petunia 'Cherry Ripple' - Ice cream shades of vanilla and berry red…  More Info

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Mahonia japonica

…golden yellow flowers which bear a strong ?lily-of-the-valley? perfume to brighten up those long winter days. After the flowers fade, blue-black berries appear. The hardworking shrub will grow in semi shady positions as well as full sun. This Mahonia has a bushy habit with…  More Info

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Berberis buxifolia 'Nana'

…green leaves. Not only do the flowers of Berberis buxifolia 'Nana' provide a welcome splash of spring colour, they are also attractive to bees. The purple-blue, rounded berries which follow in the autumn provide further seasonal interest and are attractive to birds. Height…  More Info

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Lonicera nitida 'Elegant'

…an alternative to traditional Yew plants for creating formal topiary. The creamy white blooms which appear in spring are followed by purple-blue berries that often attract wild birds. This evergreen shrubby Honeysuckle is easy to maintain at a manageable size, with a neat…  More Info

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Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'

…grass-like leaves from which rise dainty stems of contrasting mauve flowers in summer. The bell-shaped blooms are followed by dark inky-blue berries which persist throughout winter for added interest. A stunning contrast to any brightly coloured plant, Ophiopogon planiscapus…  More Info

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Blueberry 'Pink Sapphire'™

…in the USA, Blueberry 'Pink Sapphire'? is a remarkable new variety of blueberry that produces abundant clusters of bright pink berries from late July to August. The berries have a lovely sweet flavour and firm texture; delicious added to pies, muffins or other…  More Info

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Cornus sanguinea 'Winter Flame'

…glow in shades of yellow, orange and red. Bright green foliage in summer compliments the small white flowers, which are followed by blue-black berries in autumn. As with many Dogwoods, the leaves slowly take on autumn shades of orange and red before dropping to reveal the…  More Info

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Mahonia aquifolium

…will give you year round interest. The glossy, evergreen foliage is accompanied by acid yellow spring blossom that is followed by blue-black berries in the autumn, when the leaves gain a purple flush. Mahonia leaves are large and prickly, making them useful for security…  More Info

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Osmanthus delavayi

…the perfect backdrop for its prolific display of nectar-rich, tubular white flowers, which appear in spring. The blooms are followed by blue-black berries, so that this handsome shrub provides year-round interest. Slow-growing with a dense, rounded habit, Osmanthus delavayi…  More Info

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Parthenocissus quinquefolia

…autumn colour. As the weather cools in autumn, every leaf glows rich crimson and orange. These are sometimes accompanied by clusters of blue-black berries. Thriving in sun or full shade, this versatile climbing plant is easy to grow in any soil, although is best given some…  More Info

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