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Allium Collection

A fantastic collection of popular allium varieties with spherical architectural flower heads in May and June perched on stiffly upright stems. As the flowers fade, attractive seed heads remain which become straw coloured as the season progresses, persisting throughout autumn. Dot…  More Info

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Allium caeruleum

A true blue Allium with globes of tiny flowers perched atop stiff, upright stems. The foliage of Allium caeruleum often dies back before the flowers emerge so it is best planted among leafy herbaceous perennials where the yellowing foliage can be hidden out of sight. A…  More Info

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Allium Bumper Pack

…pots too. This allium collection comprises of: * Allium roseum: - the rosy garlic, with its pale pink, loosely formed flower heads growing above narrow, almost grass like leaves. Height 60cm (24). Spread: 10cm (4). (14 bulbs) * Allium caeruleum: - a bright   More Info

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Spring Spectacular Colour Collection

…that can either be planted amongst your perennials or in borders and containers for a striking stand alone display. Collection includes:* 12 Tulip Rainbow Mix,* 50 Allium Moly,* 20 Muscari 'Blue Spike',* 50 Allium Neapolitanum,* 6 Oxalis 'Adenophylla',* 50   More Info

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Leek 'Northern Lights' F1 Hybrid

A visually stunning leek with great flavour. Ideal for the show bench and the kitchen. This British-bred maincrop leek variety shows excellent winter hardiness, allowing for harvests through December to March. The blue-green leaves turn a stunning shade of purple as the coldest winter…  More Info

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Organic Leek 'Carentan'

Reliable and flavoursome Organic Leek 'Carentan' provides a wonderful autumn and winter crop of thick, straight stems, perfect for adding to warming winter stews, soups and casseroles. These generous white and tender stems can reach up to 5cm (2in) thick then fully mature, and are topped…  More Info

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