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Tomato 'Philona' F1 Hybrid

Tomato 'Philona' is an indeterminate tomato with high resistance to late blight and powdery mildew. It is a high yielding variety, that produces 110g slightly flat, red tomatoes, early in the growing season. Perfect for salads and cooked recipes. We've…  More Info

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Tomato 'Mountain Magic' F1 Hybrid

…type flavour, as well as modern F1 hybrid disease resistance. Mountain Magic F1 is an all purpose tomato; eat it from the vine, use in salads and sandwiches, or for use in a hot food recipe. Not only does it have good resistance to early blight, it…  More Info

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Tomato Romello F1 Hybrid (Seeds)

…? each plant will produce long trusses of tasty, sweet tomatoes that have good resistance to cracking. The heavy crops are carried at the outside of the plant, which makes them easier to pick. Thanks to its late blight resistance Tomato Romello is…  More Info

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Tomato Losetto (Seeds)

…of juicy, sweet cherry tomatoes between July and September. Can be grown in the greenhouse, but thanks to its blight resistance is also suitable for growing outdoors on the patio or even in a sunny border. Growing French marigolds, basil, chives or mint near…  More Info

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