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Salvia splendens 'Blaze of Fire' (Seeds)

Reliable, brilliant red flowers make this a long-standing summer favourite. Compact plants make them ideal in bedding schemes, containers and borders. Height and spread: 30cm (12).  More Info

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Salvia 'Blaze Of Fire'

…scarlet salvia flowers sit proudly above rich green foliage from June until October making this the perfect bedding plant for a blaze of summer colour. Salvia 'Blaze Of Fire' has a compact, branching habit that is well suited to containers, window boxes and hanging…  More Info

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Geum flore-plena 'Blazing Sunset'

A striking variety from T&M breeding. Classified as a perennial but from an early sowing it acts like an annual! Prolific, early flowering, fully double scarlet flowers up to 50% larger than other varieties, over a long period. Fantastic in the border and cottage garden, and a dazzling cut…  More Info

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Salvia splendens 'Blaze of Fire'

One of the most famous summer annual bedding plants, long flowering, early flowering, compact and neat. It is a frost tender annual. Ideal for bedding and edging. Other excellent sites are windowboxes and tubs. Flowers summer. Height 30cm (12in).  More Info

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Glory Lily

This spectacular, frost tender, climbing perennial produces a blaze of colour throughout summer. The red and yellow flame-like petals form unusual backward facing flowers up to 10cm (4?) across. A fiery beauty for creating an exotic feel in warm conservatories or greenhouses. Can…  More Info

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Cornus Winter Stems Collection

Dogwoods are unremarkable in summer, making excellent background plants. That all changes in Autumn! Their green foliage turns a blaze of red, orange and gold, before falling to reveal glowing stems that create an inferno of colour. Plant this hardy, reliable Cornus ?Winter Stems…  More Info

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Begonia 'Cascading Fireball'

A blaze of large orange-yellow flowers, each edged with an ember red glow, cascade from the serrated foliage. Whatever the weather, Begonia Fireball will radiate colour all summer long, until its smouldering blooms are extinguished by the first frosts. Fantastic for window boxes,…  More Info

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Spiraea betulifolia 'Tor'

…this compact mound forming shrub is covered in flattened clusters of white flowers, providing nectar for pollinating insects. In autumn the plant is a blaze of fiery red, oranges and purple. It is ideal as a low lying hedge, or planted at the front of garden borders. Height…  More Info

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Marigold 'Firebird'

Inject a blaze of colour into your summer planting schemes with the fiery burnt orange blooms of Marigold 'Firebird'. Producing a continuous profusion of rich-coloured dusky flowers throughout summer right up until the first frosts, this high impact plant brings a warming glow all…  More Info

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Hornbeam (Hedging)

…tree, hornbeam can also be easily grown into a stunning hedge. once established it will soon form an integral part of any native hedging scheme. A blaze of autumn colour will extend the season of interest and then, as the leaves fall, the structure of the plant will be…  More Info

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Sedum 'Sunsparkler Wildfire'

A blaze of claret red foliage edged in bright cerise pink makes this showy stonecrop a real dazzler! Sedum 'Sunsparkler Wildfire' is a fleshy leaved succulent that forms a dense, spreading pillow. Throughout summer, its pink flowers attract a multitude of pollinating insects who are…  More Info

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Cornus alba 'Ivory Halo'

Cornus alba 'Ivory Halo? makes a versatile shrub in the garden, delivering attractive summer foliage and a blaze of winter stems. The variegated leaves are light green, with a creamy-white margin that lights up mixed summer borders. Once autumn has stripped its leaves, the remaining…  More Info

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Phlox 'Pop Stars Mixed'

…Phlox ?Pop Stars Mixed? flowers freely all summer long, producing masses of small but beautifully formed blooms, each no bigger than a penny, in a blaze of wonderful colours. Easy to grow and requiring virtually no maintenance at all this little wonders will soon amongst…  More Info

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Cornus sanguinea 'Midwinter Fire'

…when its green leaves turn to orange and gold before falling to reveal the bare stems. As the name suggests, Cornus 'Midwinter Fire' forms a twiggy blaze in winter, graduating from gold at the base of the plant, through pink, to bright red at the stem tips. This hardy,…  More Info

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Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea 'Red Rocket'

…maturity. The spiny stems of Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea 'Red Rocket' are cloaked in rounded, dark burgundy leaves, which transform to a blaze of red in autumn. The clusters of small, yellow spring flowers are followed by scarlet berries which are loved by birds.…  More Info

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Winter Favourites Collection

…its green leaves turn to orange and gold before falling to reveal the bare stems. As the name suggests, Cornus 'Midwinter Fire' forms a twiggy blaze in winter, graduating from gold at the base of the plant, through pink, to bright red at the stem tips. Sarcococca confusa -…  More Info

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Gladiolus 'Princess Margaret Rose'

Fiery yellow-orange blooms with flame red edges make a blazing contribution to hot colour schemes. The stately stems and flamboyant blooms look striking in mixed borders. Gladiolus flowers are also excellent for cutting. Height: 120cm (47). Spread: 15cm (6). Supplied as 10/12cm…  More Info

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Azalea 'Dwarf Red'

…growing, this hardy shrub makes an excellent low maintenance specimen for acid borders and patio containers. With glossy evergreen foliage and blazing spring flowers, Azalea 'Dwarf Red' is a superb small evergreen shrub for year-round interest. Height and spread: 70cm (28).…  More Info

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Gaillardia aristata 'Arizona Sun'

Gaillardia aristata 'Arizona Sun' certainly lives up to its name by producing a continuous display of sizeable flower heads in blazing shades of red, orange and yellow. This hardy perennial requires little maintenance and performs well even on poor, dry soils. The spectacular daisy…  More Info

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