Black Tomato

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Tomato 'Black Cherry'

Cordon. You will adore this exotic-looking, blackish-purple skinned cherry tomato with dark red flesh and a complex, exceptionally sweet and juicy flavour. Tomato 'Black Cherry' is a cordon variety producing an abundance of early ripening fruit on vigorous plants…  More Info

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Tomato 'Indigo Rose'

Cordon Reportedly the blackest tomato and with the highest anthocyanin antioxidants, Tomato ‘Indigo Rose’ bears medium-size fruits of around 70-80g. Flavour is best when the tomatoes are left to fully ripen on the vine beyond their purple black stage…  More Info

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Grape 'Merlot'

This well known French wine grape is highly regarded as one of the best claret varieties. Grape ?Merlot? produces dense bunches of blue-black fruits which make deliciously plummy wine or a dark red juice if sweetened.. Grape ?Merlot? is self fertile, but quite late to ripen. Therefore it…  More Info

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Tomato (cherry) 'Black Opal'

…the dark fruits of Tomato Black Opal are already proving a firm favourite in independent taste tests. This unique cross combines the unusual dark skin and health benefits of Black Cherry with the high sugar content of our red cherry type Sweet Aperitif. Sweeter…  More Info

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Tomato 'Black Russian' - Heritage

Cordon. These medium sized black tomatoes grow on compact plants bearing plenty of dark mahogany-brown fruits, with a delicious blend of sugar and acid. Tomato 'Black Russian' is an old variety with a rich, complex flavour that has to be tasted to be believed.…  More Info

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Tomato 'Noir De Crimee' (Grafted)

…crimson skinned fruit blushed with greenish black when mature, the black colour bleeding into the interior flesh. This tomato is renowned for its exceptional and intense heirloom flavour Height: 180cm (6 feet). Width: 50cm (20in). Our grafted tomatoes  More Info

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