Black Sunflower

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Venidium fastuosum 'Jaffa Ice'

A dazzling blend of orange and white, I0cm (4in) blooms, like miniature sunflowers, all with a purple to black centre. An excellent border filler and container plant, easy to grow, with deeply lobed silver-green foliage. Flowers summer. Height: 60cm (24in).  More Info

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Black Sunflower Seeds

…table, black sunflower seeds are sure to attract birds from the pot bellied nuthatch to the jazzily winged goldfinch. Once the birds have finished their meal, and left behind the husks of the seeds, youll have some great compost too. Available in a variety of sized…  More Info

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Sunflower 'Valentine'

Semi-tall, uniform variety with bright, lemon yellow, 15cm (6in) flowers and black disc. Cut flowers when coming into bud and they will open in the house and last up to 18 days with cut flower food. Excellent for beds, borders, and happy in most garden soils and full sun. Flowers…  More Info

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Premium Blue Tit Specialist Mix (25.5kg)

…haunts for our lovely little friends. With every visit your blue tit guests can get a helping of split maize, black sunflower seeds, white and red millet, small striped sunflower seed and vegetable oil; a veritable feast if you?re a blue tit! Available in a…  More Info

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Wild Bird No Wheat Seed Mix

…but lacking the wheat that those ravenous larger birds love, this is a mix that gives the little guy a chance. Made from a mix of naked oats, black sunflower seeds and more non wheat based cereals, its perfect for breeding season, when the little birds need a hand.…  More Info

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