Black Lily

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Gladiolus 'Black Surprise'

This is a stunning version of the classic garden favourite. This Gladiolus ?Black Surprise? has striking rich coloured flowers which are even edible and beautiful editions to salads. Perfect in borders and for flower arrangements this variety will not let you down. Height: 60cm (24)…  More Info

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Hemerocallis 'Black Magic'

Hemerocallis 'Black Magic' is a unique day lily, that has'dramatic purple-black flowers that are the perfect choice for a fantasy themed garden, or planted as a contrast to white, yellow, or pink lillies, in a patio planter. The flowers are produced on upright stems above…  More Info

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Agapanthus 'Black Magic'

…open, gradually colouring to a deep indigo-purple. Agapanthus ?Black Magic? is a clump-forming perennial with narrow, strap-like foliage. Perfect for bringing drama and intrigue to your planting schemes. This splendid African Lily associates beautifully with paler…  More Info

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Mahonia japonica

Mahonia japonica is a popular, evergreen shrub. It offers long racemes of golden yellow flowers which bear a strong ?lily-of-the-valley? perfume to brighten up those long winter days. After the flowers fade, blue-black berries appear. The hardworking shrub will grow in semi shady positions…  More Info

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Gladioli 'Glamour' Collection

lilies are so easy to grow; just plant the bulbs and forget about them until midsummer when you can enjoy the abundance of gladiolus flowers in borders or cut for a vase indoors. Height: 60cm (24") * Collection comprises: * Gladiolus 'Black Surprise' -…  More Info

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Agapanthus Duo

This stylish duo of African Lilies are the perfect planting partners! From early summer, their showy blooms crown the stiff, upright stems, over a long period. Agapanthus make a particularly elegant choice for patio containers, and work equally well in borders. These low maintenance…  More Info

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Lily 'Black Jewel'

…fascinating colour, Lily 'Black Jewel' is sure to attract attention in your garden! One of the darkest lilies available, the buds open in early summer to reveal large trumpet-shaped blooms in a rich shade of black-red, with a glimmering sheen to each petal.…  More Info

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Lily 'Black Beauty'

…(5') tall! This magnificent Heirloom Lily boasts large clusters of exotic raspberry-pink flowers with a gentle perfume, later in the season than most modern varieties. The distinctive blooms boast reflexed petals and long, prominent stamens. Lily 'Black Beauty'…  More Info

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Lily 'Landini'

…trumpet shaped blooms in an opulent shade of burgundy red. Lily Landini is magnificent in borders or containers and simply fabulous for creating dramatic cut flower arrangements. Oriental lilies are also highly attractive to beneficial insects. Height: 90cm (35).…  More Info

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Rose 'Black Baccara'

…as a cut flower, but is now available to grow in your garden. Fragrant deep maroon, almost black, flowers set this apart from any other rose. Contrasts beautifully with pure yellow roses or white lilies. Height: 150cm (60) Spread:100cm (40).Bareroot plant suppled.…  More Info

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Fritillaria persica

Dark purple-black bells hang ominously from tall flower spikes. The shadowy form of this striking fritillary appears in late spring for an imposing display in borders and alpine gardens. An unusual and statuesque bulb that tolerates hot conditions and dry soils. Height: 100cm (40). Spread:…  More Info

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Gladioli Bold Collection

…sword lilies can be planted in spring and forgotten about until they flower in midsummer. Perfect for adding a wow factor to your borders or using as a cut flower indoors. Height: 60cm (24). Spread: 15cm (6).Collection comprises:* Gladiolus 'Black Surprise' -…  More Info

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Liriope muscari 'Moneymaker'

…superb specimen plants in winter containers. Flowers bloom in sensational spikes of rich colour from late summer and autumn, followed by small black fruits that provide further interest. Height: 30cm (12), Spread: 45cm (18). Plant height and spread is seasonal therefore we…  More Info

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