Black Kale

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Kale 'Black'

Kale 'Black Kale' is an easy to grow and exceptionally tasty brassica which is popular with chefs for good reason. Expensive to buy, it is a high reward crop for little work. 'Black Kale' is extremely hardy, resistant to bolting and will cope with light…  More Info

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Salad Leaves 'Stir Fry Mixed'

Salad Leaves Stir Fry Mixed will add colours, tastes and textures to your stir fries, mixed salads, sandwiches and garnishes, also use as a steamed or microwaved vegetable. Sow seeds regularly all the year round for a constant supply of nutritious 'salad leaves'. Ideal in containers on the…  More Info

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Kale Mixed Collection

Kale is filled with antioxidants and vitamins, its dark, nutritious leaves can be harvested from late autumn through to winter. They are a hardy vegetable and will survive majority of adverse weather conditions. Included in this mix is black magic kale which is…  More Info

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All Season Long Kale Mix

…perfect for the British climate. Mix includes Black Magic (uniform Cavolo Nero type), Red Devil (unique purple veined Cavolo Nero), Pentland Brig (super sweet heritage variety) and Seaweed F1 ( frilly leaves with darker purple-green colour). Kale is increasingly…  More Info

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