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Black Grapes

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Grape 'Dornfelder' Boskoop Glory

A prolific and early ripening red grape bred in Germany to add body to flavourless red wines. Grape 'Dornfelder' produces good sized, blue-black grapes which ripen well in the UK and have one of the best flavours when used for desserts, or making wine and juice. This easy to maintain variety has…  More Info

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Grape 'Mika'

A very hardy Baltic grape. Grape ‘Mika’ produces very dark blue, almost black grapes, very early in the season. Suitable for winemaking, juicing or eating. As well as crops of tasty grapes, grapevines also make attractive garden features. These vigorous vines will quickly cover a trellis…  More Info

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Grape 'Venus'

An early-maturing, seedless, American grape. Grape ‘Venus’ produces big bunches of large, blue-black grapes with a very sweet flavour and crunchy texture. Excellent for eating fresh or juicing. As well as crops of tasty grapes, grapevines also make attractive garden features. These…  More Info

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Grape 'Beta'

…of the most winter-hardy cultivars, Grape ‘Beta’ is a superb choice for northern gardens. This mid-season variety produces high yields of small, blue-black grapes that are perfect for making wine, juice or jellies. As well as crops of tasty grapes, grapevines also make attractive garden…  More Info

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Grape 'Merlot'

This well known French wine grape is highly regarded as one of the best claret varieties. Grape ?Merlot? produces dense bunches of blue-black fruits which make deliciously plummy wine or a dark red juice if sweetened.. Grape ?Merlot? is self fertile, but quite late to ripen. Therefore it should be…  More Info

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Grape 'Boskoop Glory'

…savour the fresh, sweet and satisfying taste of dessert grapes grown in your own garden? Grape 'Boskoop Glory' is produces a reliable, sweet and tasty crop, and is both disease resistant and easy to grow. Very much a firm favourite, this black grape promises generous results with minimal effort. As…  More Info

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Grape (Vitis) 'Muscat Bleu'

One of the most popular black dessert grapes, 'Muscat Bleu' is a reliable modern outdoor variety with good mildew resistance. The dark purple-skinned grapes have red flesh and a rich, sweet muscat flavour. Cropping well throughout the UK, 'Muscat Bleu' is an ideal vine for the novice grower, with…  More Info

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Grape 'Trio Mix'

…this grape can vary from deep golden yellow to copper and even light pink. Grape ‘Pinot Gris’ is a heavy bearer with large, tightly bunched grapes. Slip skin variety (skin can easily be separated from the grape). Suitable for growing outdoors or under protection. Fruit has pips. * Grape  More Info

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Grape 'Duo Mix'

…Estimated time to cropping once planted: 2 years. Estimated time to best yields: 3 years. Grape 'Duo Mix' comprises the following two varieties: * Grape 'Sauvignon' (White) - Late Season. Self Fertile. Grape 'Sauvignon' (White) is a very vigorous variety of French origin bearing large green fruits.…  More Info

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Mahonia aquifolium

A striking, architectural garden shrub, Mahonia aquifolium will give you year round interest. The glossy, evergreen foliage is accompanied by acid yellow spring blossom that is followed by blue-black berries in the autumn, when the leaves gain a purple flush. Mahonia leaves are large and prickly,…  More Info

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