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Black And Gold

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Black and Gold Flowerpot with 25L Incredicompost'

…Incredicompost' and plant it up with your choice bedding for a fabulous display this summer. Product contains: Plastic Flowerpot with Saucer in Black & Gold ? Weatherproof, light weight, durable plastic which is perfect for year-round displays. Features pre-drilled drainage holes and a matching…  More Info

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Patio Pot Black and Gold

This stylish and versatile patio pot is ideal for adding sophistication to your patio displays and is perfect for shrubs, bedding plants and even patio vegetables. This charming planter features punchable holes in its base, making it superb for a wide range of uses. The embossed trellis effect…  More Info

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Black & Gold Tower Pot?

Display your climbing plants in style with this decorative 38cm (15in) diameter pot including a 4-part frame to support your climbing plant as it climbs higher creating the most spectacular garden feature.  More Info

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Rudbeckia hirta 'Amarillo Gold'

Rudbeckia hirta 'Amarillo Gold' is a dazzling new variety that will bring a ray of sunshine to the garden on even the cloudiest days. Bred for exceptionally large blooms and a neat, compact habit, this hardy annual is just as well suited to patio pots as the herbaceous border. The unusually large…  More Info

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Rudbeckia fulgida 'Early Bird Gold'

A bright and sunny hardy perennial, Rudbeckia fulgida 'Early Bird Gold' produces classic yellow Rudbeckia blooms on compact bushy growth. As its name suggests, this variety of Black Eyed Susan is earlier to flower than most and will continue right through to October for an exceptionally long…  More Info

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Two-tone ceramic pots - Black/Gold

Stunning and contemporary black and gold ceramic pots which are perfect for any indoor garden, a great way to display your houseplants. It has a matt finish which will suit many modern interiors, and the black allows whatever may be planted in it to be the main focus.  More Info

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Perennial Cut Flower Duo

Black and gold! A classy combination of two cut flowers featuring Hollyhock ‘Nigra’ and Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’. Hollyhock ‘Nigra’ boasts tall spires of silky, maroon-black flowers with contrasting pale eyes. This easy-to-grow hardy perennial makes a dramatic…  More Info

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Rudbeckia hirta 'Rustic Dwarfs Mixed'

Long-stemmed plants with large flowers of rich yellow, gold, bronze and mahogany with black cone. An excellent subject for beds and borders, it will tolerate wet weather. Flowers late summer/autumn. Height only 60cm (24in).  More Info

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Rudbeckia hirta 'Marmalade' (Seeds)

Large flowers in shades of yellow, gold and bronze with deeper brown central cones. These are a reliable border plant for colour, late summer to autumn. Height: 60cm (24). Spread: 45cm (18).  More Info

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Winter Favourites Collection

…from gold at the base of the plant, through pink, to bright red at the stem tips. Sarcococca confusa - An easy to grow shrub, with flowers which might be inconspicuous, and hide beneath the leathery foliage, but you won't miss their powerful, honey-like fragrance. The flowers are followed by black  More Info

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Cornus alba 'Kesselringii'

…throughout the rest of the year, with creamy-white flowers in spring and fabulous autumn foliage. Cornus alba 'Kesselringii' makes a dramatic addition to winter gardens. For the best effect, grow it in groups or mingled with red and gold stemmed cultivars. Height: 250cm (98). Spread: 250cm (98).  More Info

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Architectural Grasses Collection

…alopecuroides 'Black Beauty' ? Fluffy bottlebrush flowers are borne above an arching mound of slender green foliage. Height and spread: 100cm (39).* Molinia caerulea ssp. arundinacea 'Mostenveld' - A variegated variety, forming a neat tussock of cream and green striped leaves, which turn to gold in…  More Info

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Fatsia 'Camouflage'

Sporting bold, almost tropical looks, Fatsia ?Camouflage? bears large, deeply dissected leaves splashed with green gold. Clusters of globular white flowers in autumn are followed by black berries. This tough and reliable evergreen shrub provides all year-round interest and will lighten dry, shady…  More Info

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Fatsia Duo

…add life and light to those dingy areas where Fatsias prove so useful. In autumn, they produce clusters of globular white flowers followed by black berries. Height and spread: 2m (78). Fatsia Duo contains one of each of the following varieties:* Fatsia ‘Spiders Web’ - a particularly…  More Info

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Easy Annuals 'Fairy Mixed'

…and Gold, Clarkia concinna Pink Ribbons,Clarkia bottae Lilac Pixie, Cuphea miniata Firefly, Linanthus androsacus French Hybrids, Linaria aeruginea Grenada Sol, Linaria maroccana confetti Lobularia maritima Red, Ursinia anethoides, Viola x wiiliamsiana Little Rascals and Viola x williamsiana Black.  More Info

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Waterlily Tricolour + Pond Basket + Black and Gold Bowl

…the basket in the stylish black and gold bowl and wait for the glamorous yellow, white and red waterlily blooms to appear. Basket Size: 17.5cm x 11.5cm. Maximum plant height: 100cm (39). Maximum plant spread: 120cm (48). Waterlily Tricolour + Pond Basket + Black and Gold Bowl comprises:* 3 x water…  More Info

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Rudbeckia Summerdaisy Double Gold

Blooming from early summer right through to autumn, Rudbeckia 'Summerdaisy's Double Gold' produces masses of eye-catching golden yellow flowers on bushy, vigorous and uniform plants. The luxuriously ruffled double blooms look superb in combination with ornamental grasses or deep purple or blue…  More Info

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Petunia 'Mystical Midnight Gold'

Bring some style to your patio, with this incredible new variety. The ruffled, double blooms of Petunia 'Mystical Midnight Gold' are black with each petal delicately edged in pale yellow. Perfect for filling patio pots, window boxes and hanging baskets. This well-branched, compact Petunia has a…  More Info

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Petunia 'Tickled Pink'

…vigorous, weather-resistant plants that can grow up to 6 foot in one season. Height and spread: 175cm (70”). This selection includes a black and gold Tower Pot which has been specially designed to train plants into pillars of colour on your patio. Easy to assemble, the sturdy lattice frame is…  More Info

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Tree Peony 'Wu Jin Yao Hui'

Tree Peony ‘Wu Jin Yao Hui’ roughly translates from the Chinese as ‘Glittering Black Gold’. In late spring and early summer, it produces an abundant display of large, deeply cupped blooms, composed of densely-packed, silky petals in a glossy burgundy/maroon with purple…  More Info

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Canna Tropicanna Trio

…and beautiful foliage striped with yellow and green.* Canna 'Tropicanna Gold' - Luxuriant large leaves streaked with gold make a magnificent feature even before the flowers appear.* Canna ?Tropicanna Black? - Dramatic black foliage make a startling contrast with the tall, scarlet red blooms. Plant…  More Info

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Myrtus communis on Stem

…late summer. Myrtus communis prefers a cool, bright room, well away from central heating. Overall height: 150cm (59in). Full sun. Supplied in black & gold ceramic pot.). Please note: Some houseplants are toxic or harmful to pets if ingested. If you believe your pet has consumed a poisonous plant…  More Info

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Prunus maackii 'Amber Beauty'

…outstanding small tree continues to reward throughout every season with racemes of fragrant, fluffy white blossom in April followed by small black fruits that are attractive to birds. Rich green, serrated foliage transforms to yellow-gold in autumn forming a perfect partner to the amber-coloured…  More Info

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Rudbeckia Summerdaisy Collection

…flowers with an orange centre radiating out into golden yellow, surrounding a dark central cone. Attractive to bees* Rudbeckia 'Summerdaisy's Double Gold' ? luxuriously ruffled golden yellow double blooms, with hints of red at the base of the petals* Rudbeckia 'Summerdaisy's Yellow' ? large, golden…  More Info

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Rudbeckia 'All Sorts Mixed'

An impressive selection of the bestselling rudbeckias! This mix includes doubles, singles and quilled types, and in a range of colours from red to gold. They will make an attractive addition to your beds, borders and patio containers and all have excellent garden performance. They are superb as cut…  More Info

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