Bird Of Paradise

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Bird of Paradise Flower

Admired for their exotic blooms, resembling birds with bright plumage, which make vibrant, long lasting cut flowers. The stately blue green, deeply ribbed foliage makes an attractive foil for their magnificent flowers. Exquisite specimens for the greenhouse and conservatory, or for…  More Info

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Kingfisher Wooden Garden Bird Table

birds - Perfect for enticing all types of wild birds including tits, finches, sparrows and wrens Versatile - 'Great for suet fat balls, suet pellets, nuts, seed mixes and more Perfectly sized - Measures W42 x L42 x H118cm Turn your garden into a bird-friendly   More Info

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Nature?s Market Premium Bird Table with Built-in Feeder

Turn your garden into a bird-friendly paradise with this wooden garden bird table. This traditional wooden bird table features a built-in bird feeder. This versatile feeder allows you to have a mix of different feeds at once, perfect for catering for different…  More Info

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