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Geranium himalayense 'Birch Double'

…perennial geranium blooms persistently from May to September above a mass of delicately lobed foliage. Less vigorous and more compact than many varieties, Birch's Double is ideal for woodland ground cover and cottage garden borders. Height: 25cm (10). Spread: 60cm (24). Bareroot plants supplied.  More Info

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Betula nana

This unusual dwarf Birch is rarely seen but makes a fine specimen shrub for borders and the edge of woodland plantings. Betula nana has a low spreading habit with stiff stems that form a dense shrub. From March to May the brown catkins nestle among glossy, kidney shaped foliage. As summer ends, the…  More Info

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Betula utilis 'Jacquemontii'

One of the most stunning and popular of birches, prized for its brilliant white bark which makes a particularly striking silhouette in the winter landscape. A second season of interest is provided by autumn foliage colour when the dark green leaves turn gold. Betula utilis ‘Jacquemontii’…  More Info

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Geranium Hardy Double Collection

…collection includes: Geranium himalayense 'Birch Double' - Intense double violet-blue flowers adorn this vigorous hardy geranium. The distinctive dark green leaves with furrowed veining turn to a beautiful orange-red in autumn. Also known as 'Birch's Double'. Geranium pratense 'Plenum Caeruleum'…  More Info

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Native Hedging Collection

…fruit on some of the varieties, our native hedging collection is the perfect answer to your heding needs. The collection is made up of Oak, Silver Birch, Hawtorn, Blackthorn and Wild Cherry, all of which can be reularly trimmed to keep them under control. Plant 4 plants per metre for a single line…  More Info

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Silver birch (Hedging)

Always attractive in a native hedging scheme, the Silver Birch is not one to be overlooked! The delicate stems and twigs of this beautiful tree make for a dense screen in winter when bare, or in summer when they are covered in leaves. Brown catkins will hang down in late spring and early summer too…  More Info

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