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Bidens Collection Mix

…35cm (14). Bidens collection comprises:* Bidens ?Yellow Port Royal?'- Sunshine yellow, semi-double blooms.* Bidens 'Red Yellow Centre''- Exotic looking, star-shaped orange flowers with a central disc of yellow crown the feathery foliage of Bidens 'Red…  More Info

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Bidens Collection

…groundcover. Height: 30cm (12). Spread: 35cm (14). Bidens collection comprises: * Bidens ?Yellow Port Royal? - Sunshine yellow, semi-double blooms.* Bidens ?Hawaiian Flare Bicolour Star? - A neat, compact habit with extraordinary bicolour blooms.* Bidens  More Info

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Bidens 'Red Yellow Centre'

Modern breeding has introduced this sensational bicolour blooming Biden. Bidens 'Red Yellow Centre' is an extraordinary variety with bright orange blooms and a splash of gold at the base of each petal. The star shaped flowers are borne in profusion, covering the feathery…  More Info

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Bidens ferulifolia 'Golden Eye'

From T&M's own breeding program comes this prostrate form of Bidens, Ideally suited for baskets and containers or tumbling over low walls, the bright yellow flowers and ferny foliage will enhance the summer sunshine in any garden. Flowers summer. Height: 25-30cm (10-12in). Culinary…  More Info

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Sherbert Lemon Mix

…remarkable combination is created by propagating three trailing annuals into 1 plug cell. The three varieties - deep blue lobelia, bright yellow bidens and crisp white verbena - are grown together and can then be used to form a stunning ball of colour. Three plugs will fill…  More Info

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Sherbet Lemon Pre-Planted Basket

…professionally chosen, to ensure the basket looks fantastic when in bloom, over the summer months. This basket combines Lobelia, Verbena and Bidens for a vibrant display, with yellow, white and purple flowers, which is perfect for near a front door, or in the back garden.…  More Info

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Cosmos atrosanguineus 'Chocamocha'

The sumptuous, velvety maroon-brown blooms of the Chocolate Cosmos make a fabulous feature in late summer borders. With their richly coloured petals and delicious cocoa fragrance this is definitely one for chocoholics. The nectar rich blooms are irresistible to pollinating insects too!…  More Info

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