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Perennial Potted Collection

Perennial Potted Collection will bring plenty of colour to garden borders. Specially selected to ensure that your garden looks at its best for the entire growing season. Plant them in bold groups for maximum impact! Your borders will be bursting with colour if…  More Info

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Giant Geranium Bumper Collection

Our Giant Geranium Bumper Collection will fill your beds, borders and containers with colour! We?ve selected 5 of the best pelargoniums for their massive blooms and exceptional weather resistance, ensuring that your garden stays vibrant all summer long. Height: 60cm (24).…  More Info

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Best Value Perennial Collection

Fill your beds and borders with this bargain perennial collection. Perennial plants will bloom year after year and they can also be cut and brought into the house for beautiful flower arrangements. Your collection will consist of 6 plug plants of each of the…  More Info

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Herb Collection

…ideal accompaniment to roast lamb - homemade mint sauce is hard to beat! This vigorous perennial is best planted in a container to control its spread. Height: 30cm (12). Spread: 100cm (39). Chives - This perennial member of the onion family is undemanding and…  More Info

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Mangave Collection

…to be brought into a frost-free greenhouse or conservatory for over-wintering. This Mangave Collection includes some of the best varieties with beautifully coloured and spotted foliage. Mangave Collection comprises one plant of each of the following varieties:*…  More Info

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Coleus Collection

…produced these are insignificant and best removed. Coleus Collection includes a wide colour range of these vivid plants which have been selected for their compact, multi-branching habit and weather resistant foliage. Height and spread: 45cm (18). Coleus Collection<…  More Info

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Architectural Grasses Collection

…brought together three beautiful perennial grasses in one collection. These compact, clump forming varieties each send up elegant flower heads in late summer, providing fabulous interest that extends well into autumn. Perfect for dotting among herbaceous perennials…  More Info

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Strawberry Full Season Collection

collection to extend the cropping season so that you can keep harvesting a constant supply of delicious sweet, juicy strawberries from early June through to the end of July. Cropping periods can also be brought forward or extended if you are growing them in a greenhouse or…  More Info

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Summer Colour Bulb Collection

…this summer with this easy to grow bulb collection. We've chosen the very best varieties for you to plant in beds, borders and patio pots that will give you a fantastic array of blooms and amazing fragrance. This perennial Summer Colour Bulb Collection  More Info

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Clematis All Season Collection

…climbers to scramble over fences and walls but also a bushy herbaceous type which will sit beautifully alongside other perennial plants in a sunny border. Clematis All Season Collection contains one of the following:* Clematis ‘Advent Bells’ – This…  More Info

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Pansy 'Coolwave Collection'

…these Pansies are at their best during the coldest months when few other plants dare to bloom, but will keep going right through to the following summer. Perfect for filling hanging baskets, patio containers and window boxes with long-lasting colour. Your collection  More Info

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Geranium 'Grandeur® Dark Collection'

This fantastic collection brings together a stunning mix of Zonal Pelargoniums that are some of the nations favourite bedding plants. This collection combines some of the best introductions from recent years. The velvety, dark scalloped foliage and bright rounded…  More Info

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Heucherella Trailing Mix

…by crossing 2 popular garden perennials. The vibrant leaf colour of Heuchera combine with the pretty foliage shapes of Tiarella to give the best characteristics of both parents. Evergreen and clump forming with a loose trailing habit - these hardy perennials  More Info

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Geranium 'Decora Trio'

…boxes where these will cascade beautifully. Can also be trained onto an obelisk with a soft twine that will create an upright focal point. This collection comprises of the following. Geranium 'Decora Bicolour'- The perfect bright shade of pink, centred with pale white and…  More Info

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