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Bergenia 'Pink Dragonfly'

Bergenia 'Pink Dragonfly' features slender green foliage during the growing season, before transforming to plum red shades over the cold winter months. The bright pink flowers bloom mainly during spring, but additional flushes are produced into midsummer. This cottage garden…  More Info

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Bergenia 'Dragonfly Sakura'

Bergenia 'Dragonfly Sakura' produces delightful candy pink flowers over shining, rounded foliage that matures from a lush green to a deep purple-black during the cold winter months. This sturdy evergreen variety attracts pollinating insects to your garden early in the year when the…  More Info

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Bergenia 'Dragonfly Angel Kiss'

Bergenia 'Dragonfly Angel Kiss' bears exquisite white flowers that mature to the subtlest shade of pink, above clusters of shimmering evergreen foliage that transforms into a rich shade of claret over the winter months. This beautiful cottage garden favourite, commonly known as…  More Info

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