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Helianthemum 'Ben Fhada'

The common names of Helianthemum 'Ben Fhada' tell you all you need to know about where they should be grown: Sun Roses or Rock Roses are best suited to a sunny spot in a rockery or costal garden. Once established in dry, gritty or sandy soil, large, bright flowers will emerge above…  More Info

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Blackcurrant 'Ben Alder'

Blackcurrant ‘Ben Alder’ is a high yielding variety which is popular with commercial growers for juice production due to its high productivity. Bred by the Scottish Crop Research Institute, this very hardy and low maintenance currant is late flowering and so escapes…  More Info

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Blackcurrant 'Big Ben'

The blackcurrants that grow on the 'Big Ben' variety of blackcurrant bush are so huge they could easily be mistaken for blueberries. They are two or three times the size of standard blackcurrants! Once mature, a single bush can produce up to 4.5kg of fruit per year. The fruit grows…  More Info

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Helianthemum Collection

'Ben Fhada' - A popular variety bearing sunshine yellow flowers with deep golden centres.* Helianthemum 'The Bride' - An RHS AGM variety with pure white, tissue paper blooms.* Helianthemum 'Pink Angel' - A double flowered variety producing ruffled rosettes of rose pink…  More Info

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