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Cucumber 'Bella'

'Greenhouse type Cucumber 'Bella' is an all female cucumber variety suitable for growing in an unheated greenhouse, against supports. It produces a good yield of long, 35cm (14) cucumbers, with a tasty flavour. This cultivar has a vigourous habit and good tolerance to powdery mildew…  More Info

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Cucumber 'Bella' F1 Hybrid

…produces good yields of long, 35cm (14) fruits with a superb cucumber flavour and no bitter aftertaste. With a vigorous habit and good tolerance to powdery mildew, Cucumber 'Bella' makes a reliable variety when grown in an unheated greenhouse against supports. Height: 3m (9'…  More Info

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Cucumber Glasshouse Duo

…Duo will provide you with fresh cucumbers, alongside your greenhouse tomatoes, throughout the summer.'There is two popular female varieties. Bella will produce good yields of long, 35cm (14in) cucumbers, ideal for summer salads, and Nimrod will give you a bumper crop of…  More Info

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