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Begonia Non Stop

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Begonia x tuberhybrida Bumper Pack

…spectacular begonias bring radiant, non-stop colour to containers, beds and window boxes all summer long. Growing begonia tubers is so easy and guaranteed to make a show-stopping display! Height and spread: 30cm (12).Collection comprises:Begonia ?Double Flowered Mixed' Begonia ?Fringed (Fimbriata)…  More Info

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Begonia iconia 'Citrus Shades Collection'

With vibrant, zesty shades set against dark foliage, Begonia ‘Iconia Citrus Shades Collection’ are sure to catch the eye. From subtle pastel-pinks, to juicy apricots and fiery oranges, their neat mounds of dark foliage form a perfect backdrop to the big, shiny flowers. The domes of…  More Info

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Begonia Collection

…containers. Begonia ? Non-stop? - Fully double flowers in a mixture of five vibrant colours contrast dramatically with the rich, chocolate coloured foliage. Begonia 'Non-Stop?, as the name suggests, is one of the best begonias for continuous summer flowering. Begonia ?Apricot Shades? - Begonia  More Info

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Begonia x tuberhybrida 'Apricot Shades Improved' F1 Hybrid

…this ready-planted Begonia hanging basket! No more untangling the chains, re-lining the basket and deciding what to plant, we've done the hard work for you. A beautiful mix of Begonias planted in the best nutrient-rich compost so your plants will thrive all summer long. Begonia plants are fantastic…  More Info

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Begonia Tuber Collection

…lemony flavour and crisp texture to salads and sandwiches. What?s not to love! Begonia Tuber Collection comprises 40 tubers of the following varieties:* Begonia ?Pendula Mixed? (10 tubers) ? spectacular trailing begonias with pendulous stems smothered in enormous double flowers all summer and into…  More Info

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Begonia 'Non Stop Mocca Cherry'

Begonia ‘Non Stop Mocca Cherry’ is a striking dark-leaved variety. Sultry, dark leaves morph through shades of chocolate-brown to purple black with contrasting lime-green veins. The heart-shaped foliage remains dark throughout the season forming a luxurious background that perfectly…  More Info

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Begonia 'Prima Donna Bumper Pack'

…30cm (12). Begonia Bulb Bumper Pack contains 4 varieties which are:* Begonia 'Prima Donna White' x 5 tubers* Begonia 'Prima Donna Orange' x 5 Tubers* Begonia 'Prima Donna Red' x 5 Tubers* Begonia 'Prima Donna Yellow' x 5 Tubers Additional upgrade includes the above PLUS:* Begonia 'Non-Stop Mixed''x…  More Info

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