Begonia Majestic

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Begonia 'Majestic Mixed'

Robust and vigorous, these exceptional Begonia 'Majestic Mixed' are totally stunning. The sheer size of the beautiful double blooms, and the amazingly bright colours they come in, will make for a superb splash of colour. Becoming bigger and fuller as the plant matures, these…  More Info

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Begonia 'Prima Donna Sunburst'

…‘Dinnerplate Begonia’ due to the incredible size of its flowers, the huge blooms are held on strong, thick stems which keeps them upright and wind resistant. Flowers last for a long time and this vigorous plant will keep blooming from June until October.   More Info

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Begonia x tuberhybrida 'Giant Picotee Sunburst'

Huge flowers up to 15cm (6") across add an exotic flavour to patio pots. The flamboyant blooms of Begonia Giant Picotee Sunburst' boast layers of elaborate, ruffled petals with a picotee edge. Sumptuous two toned flowers which are yellow edged with a bold orange, that…  More Info

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