Begonia 'cascading White'

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Hanging Basket Collection

…?Ultra Cascade? - An improved blend of Lobelia which gives a full season of stunning cascading colour.* Petunia ?Frenzy Mixed? - Weather resistant flowers are always dazzling come rain or shine.* Begonia semperflorens ?Lotto Mixed? - An exceptionally large…  More Info

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Begonia 'Sweet Spice Appleblossom'

cascading habit and the most divine fragrances. These British bred Begonias are well equipped to withstand the changeable British weather. The perfect choice for hanging baskets, window boxes and patio containers. Begonia 'Sweet Spice Appleblossom ' has pretty…  More Info

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Bulb Bumper Pack

…and sight of vibrant freesias and towering lilies then enjoy them again indoors as vase displays. Fill baskets with Begonia ‘Cascading Fireball’ and the elegant Begonia ‘Camelia’ which will keep you entertained until the first frosts;…  More Info

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Begonia 'Solananthera'

…Naturally climbing or trailing, Begonia ‘Solananthera’ is perfect for a hanging pot where its lax, trailing stems clothed in glossy, heart-shaped leaves can be left to cascade elegantly. In late winter and early spring, generous clusters of pearly white…  More Info

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Begonia maculata 'Wightii'

This polka-dot begonia puts on a fun show. The triangular leaves of Begonia maculata ‘Wightii’ are sprinkled with silver spots and cascade elegantly to expose pink undersides. The foliage display is complemented by airy clusters of small white  More Info

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Begonia 'Prima Donna Bumper Pack'

…choice for cascading from pots, window boxes and hanging baskets. Height and spread: 30cm (12). Begonia Bulb Bumper Pack contains 4 varieties which are:* Begonia 'Prima Donna White' x 5 tubers* Begonia 'Prima Donna Orange' x 5 Tubers* Begonia<…  More Info

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Begonia 'Sweet n Spice' Duo

…containers. Height and spread: 45cm (18). Begonia ‘Sweet n Spice’ duo comprises 10 jumbo plugs, 5 of each of the following two varieties:* Begonia 'Sweet Spice Appleblossom ' - Pretty pink buds open to creamy white double blooms* Begonia  More Info

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Bumper Garden Collection

…veined, and some with bright, white stars. * Begonia semperflorens 'Lotto Mixed' - Exceptionally large flowered variety compared to normal Begonia semperflorens cultivars. * Bacopa cordata 'Snowtopia White' - Trailing, evergreen stems bear a smothering…  More Info

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Garden Ready Bumper Collection

…Lobelia 'Ultra Cascade’ - A mix of old varieties and new varieties for a full summer of colour. * Petunia 'Frenzy'™ Mixed - Over 20 different types of petunia flowers in pure colours, picotees, veined, and some with bright, white stars. *   More Info

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Begonia Sweet Spice Collection

…45cm (18). Begonia Sweetspice Collection comprises ten plugs, two of each of the following varieties:* Begonia Sweet Spice Appleblossom'? pretty pink buds open to creamy white double blooms* Begonia Sweet Spice English Rose ? pink double blooms with the…  More Info

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Begonia 'Illumination Mixed'

…pots and hanging baskets. With a mix of colours, including red, pink, apricot and white, the begonias will flower well into autumn, and are tolerant of all types of weather and light conditions. They have a cascading habit, making them a good choice for hanging…  More Info

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Begonia Bonanza Bundle

…on gently cascading stems from June to October.* Begonia ?Cascading Fireball? (5 Tubers) - A blaze of large, fiery orange-yellow double flowers with each petal edged in vivid red.* Begonia ?Nonstop Berries & Cream? (5 Tubers) ? Ruffled, weather-resistant…  More Info

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Summer Saver Collection

…blooms are always dazzling come rain or shine. * Begonia ?Giant Lotto Mixed? - A big improvement on the classic bedding Begonia; producing flowers twice as large as traditional varieties! * Petunia ?Easy Wave Ultimate Mixed? - With a naturally cascading habit…  More Info

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