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Calathea orbifolia (House Plant)

…appearance. The large leaves and bushy habit create a tropical feel in your home making a lovely focal point for a warm, humid spot such as a bathroom or kitchen. Height and spread: 80cm (31). Plant height and spread is seasonal therefore we list by pot size rather than a…  More Info

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Nurseryman's Choice Cryptanthus (House Plant)

…origins, Cryptanthus plants are surprisingly easy to grow. They make superb house plants for terrariums or humid environments ? perfect for the bathroom or kitchen windowsill! Height: 15cm (6). Spread: 20cm (8). Choice is selected from the following options: * Cryptanthus…  More Info

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Cryptanthus bivittatus 'Pink Starlight' (House Plant)

…away from the scorch of strong sunlight. This Bromeliad is perfectly adapted to high humidity, so it makes a superb choice for the kitchen or bathroom! Height: 15cm (6). Spread: 20cm (8). Please note: Some houseplants are toxic or harmful to pets if ingested. If you believe…  More Info

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