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Nemesia 'Seventh Heaven' F1 Hybrid

Compact, bushy little plants are smothered in perfumed, bicolour flowers from June to September. Nemesia ?Seventh Heaven? is the first bicolour available from seed, allowing you to fill your baskets, containers, window boxes and borders with their large, colourful blooms at a…  More Info

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Dianthus caryophyllus 'Trailing Carnations Mixed'

Travelling in the Alpine regions of Europe one is struck by the magnificent and visual impact of their window boxes, hanging baskets, pots, tubs etc. And then we realised that they make liberal use of pendulous carnations adding an extra slant in perspective and design. The colour…  More Info

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String of Hearts (House Plant)

…variegation and purple-pink undersides. You may even spot some small, tubular flowers in summer, although they are not particularly showy. With a naturally cascading habit, it makes a pretty display for an indoor hanging basket, or spilling from high shelves. Trails…  More Info

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Begonia x tuberhybrida Bumper Pack

…Begonias that are perfect for colourful garden borders, window boxes and hanging baskets. They are very easy to grow and are weather tolerant. Height and spread: 30cm (12).Collection comprises:Begonia ?Double Flowered Mixed' Begonia ?Fringed (Fimbriata) Mixed' Begonia…  More Info

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Chlorophytum comosum 'Variegatum'

…over it top of its pot or basket. As it grows, Chlorophytum comosum ?Variegatum? also produces long stems with new baby plants at the tips that create a fabulous, cascading display. With maturity you will also be rewarded with a dainty display of starry white flowers.  More Info

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