Bare Root Wall Flowers

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Wallflower 'Dwarf Scented Mixed'

…a vegetable. For more details about edible flowers click here. Bare Roots This is the traditional format for wallflower planting, tried and tested by generations of gardeners. Planted this way you will have earlier results in spring and many more flowers  More Info

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Rose 'Scent from Heaven'

flowers, which bloom on upright flower trusses ? often with up to 7 hybrid-tea-rose-shaped blooms on each truss. The lovely, strong, rich, fruity fragrance is an added bonus to this striking addition to your garden. Supplied as bare root plants. Culinary…  More Info

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Rose Climbing Collection (Climbing)

…training onto walls and pergolas. Bare root plants supplied. Height: 3m (10') Spread 2m (6').* Collection comprises:* Rosa 'Paul's Scarlet' - Large clusters of double blooms, in a bold shade of scarlet, that don't fade in the sun.* Rosa 'Golden Showers' - A…  More Info

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