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Everlasting Perennial Collection

Our everlasting perennial collection is the perfect way to fill gaps in existing borders or create a completely new herbaceous border. Easy to grow, and returning year after year, they will get bigger and better over time. Collection comprises 4 bare root plants…  More Info

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Wildlife Hedging Collection

This collection of bare root hedging plants has been carefully selected to create an effective boundary, whilst also providing a valuable haven for wildlife. Wildlife hedging offers food, shelter and cover from predators for a multitude of garden visitors. Elderberry,…  More Info

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Peony Collection

…fragrant blooms from May to June in cut flower displays too. This magnificent collection comprises: ?Sarah Bernhardt?, ?Karl Rosenfield? and ?Shirley Temple?. Height and Spread : 1m (39). Supplied as bare root plants. Culinary information: Some parts of these…  More Info

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Hibiscus Collection

…a long, hot summer to produce the most stunning flowers. Height: 3m (10'). Spread: 2m (6',5). * Collection comprises: * Hibiscus syriacus 'Mint Cream' - Elegant white* Hibiscus syriacus 'Sugared Almonds' - Mauve blue* Hibiscus syriacus 'Turkish Delight' - Cerise pink…  More Info

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Perennial Everlasting Collection

…Everlasting Collection contains beautiful garden favourites, specially selected to flower in succession from late spring until autumn. These high-quality plants will stock your garden for many years to come, as they multiply from year to year. Supplied as bare root…  More Info

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Foxtail Lily Collection

collection of foxtail lilies looks fantastic partnered with lower growing perennials and grasses to hide the short-lived, grey green foliage which dies back as the flowers begin to bloom. This long-lived hardy perennial also makes a sensational cut flower! Bare   More Info

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Peony Itoh Collection

…a lovely addition to borders and large containers where they'll attract bees and other beneficial pollinating insects. Supplied as bare root plants.* The collection comprises:* 'Cora Louise' - white ruffled blooms flushed with lavender at the centre* 'Canary…  More Info

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Water Lily Collection

…water lilies are so compact they are even suitable for growing in containers on patios and balconies. Spread: 100 cm (39). Size 1 bare roots supplied. * Collection comprises:* Water Lily (White) - Glamorous white star shaped flowers with golden anthers.* Water…  More Info

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Rose Climbing Collection (Climbing)

…will fill your garden with scent and colour throughout the summer. Perfect for training onto walls and pergolas. Bare root plants supplied. Height: 3m (10') Spread 2m (6').* Collection comprises:* Rosa 'Paul's Scarlet' - Large clusters of double blooms, in a…  More Info

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Modern Rose Collection

…bloom also offers a lovely fragrance, making them ideal for cutting and placing in a vase. Collection compirises 'Blue for You', 'Blue Eyes' and 'For your Eyes Only'. Ht. 80-120cm. Supplied as bare root plants. Culinary information: Some parts of these flowers…  More Info

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Hardy Geranium Collection

…suppressing ground cover as well as abundant blooms throughout summer. This collection comprises 1 each of Sanguineum, Sanguineum Album, Sanguineum Canon Miles, Himalayense, Sanguineum Max Frei and Sanguineum New Hampshire, plus 100g of geranium fertiliser. Ht. 20-50cm.…  More Info

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Hardy Hosta Collection

…Hosta Collection will make a statement in beds, borders and containers, or create contrast against the flowering plants in your displays. Your collection will include: Hosta 'Francee', 'September Sun', 'Marmalade on Toast', 'Brim Cup' and 'Frances Williams'. Plant up…  More Info

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Magnolia Patio Collection

…a superb focus point for smaller gardens and woodland planting schemes. Height: 180cm (71). Supplied as bare root plants with 100cm (40) stems. Why not make sure your Magnolia Patio Collection has the best start in life by upgrading with Chempak' Yearlong…  More Info

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Favourite Fruit Tree Collection

…selection of fresh fruits for years to come! Supplied as a one year old, 1.2m ? 1.5m high, bare root 'whip' plant with no branches. This makes them easy to plant and quick and easy to establish.* Collection comprises 1 each of: * Apple 'Golden Delicious' - A…  More Info

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Agapanthus Blue & White Collection

…into autumn. The large spherical blooms also look magnificent in cut flower displays. In your collection you will receive the following two varieties: 'Queen of the Ocean' and 'Polar Ice'. Your bare roots should be planted at the earliest opportunity following…  More Info

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Rose Standard Collection (40cm stem)

…required to create the shape you want. Our Rose Standard Collection comprises four gorgeous colours - Pink, Red, White and Yellow. Your Standard Roses come with a stem length of 40cm and will reach 1m (40) tall. They are supplied as bare root plants. Culinary…  More Info

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Half Standard Rose Collection (45cm stem)

…the shape you want. Our Rose Standard Collection comprises four gorgeous colours - Pink, Red, White and Yellow. Your Standard Roses come with a stem length of 45cm and will reach 1m (40) tall - ideal when added to an elegant Patio Pot. Supplied as bare root  More Info

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Geum 'Doubles Collection'

…the delightful blooms of Geum 'Doubles Collection' are borne on slender stems which are ideal for cutting. Grow Geum at the front of perennial borders for a prolific, airy and long-lasting display every year. Bare root plants supplied. * Collection  More Info

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Dahlia 'Spectacular Collection'

…blooms for a colourful, long lasting display in beds, borders and containers. Collection comprises: 'Arabian Night', 'Lilac Time', 'Duet', 'Tropical', 'Colour Spectacle' and 'Tsuki-yori-no-shisha'. Supplied as bare root plants. Culinary information: All dahlia…  More Info

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Raspberry 'Full Season Collection'

…planted: 4-8 months. Estimated time to best yields: 16-20 months. All of our Raspberries have been inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture for pests and diseases and certified. The bare root plants are hand graded and carefully selected before packing. Useful links:…  More Info

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Rose 'Breeder's Choice Collection'

…Choice Collection? combines our pick of the best colours and the healthiest plants to ensure a fabulous display in your garden. Perfect for dotting through summer borders or planting en masse to create a stunning rose garden. Height: 1m (3'). Spread: 60cm (24). Supplied as …  More Info

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…healthy, plant-based diet that?s rich in nutrients, fibre and minerals. Enjoy! Your collection includes: 12 Strawberry 'Elsanta' bare root runners, 6 Raspberry 'Polka' bare root canes, 3 Gooseberry 'Invicta' bare root bushes, 1 x 9cm…  More Info

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Magnolia 'Sunrise' (Standard)

…focus point for smaller gardens and woodland planting schemes. Height: 1.8m (72). Supplied as a bare root plant with 100cm (40) stem. For extra value why not buy our Magnolia 'Sunrise' Patio Collection, including 1 Magnolia 'Sunrise Standard', together with a…  More Info

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