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Bamboo Screening

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Bamboo Cane Screen Roll

…from individual bamboo canes with an average width of 15mm per cane, canes may vary from 5mm to 20mm. Made from natural bamboo canes, this screen is both weatherproof and durable and can easily be installed with galvanised wire, cable ties, screws or nails (not included). The screening can be cut to…  More Info

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Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Spectabilis'

…with this fully hardy yellow-stemmed bamboo. Holding an RHS Award of Garden Merit, Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Spectabilis' is a neat, upright bamboo that forms straight, narrow clumps, making it ideal for the back of the border or using as a tall privacy screen. Enjoy year-round interest from the…  More Info

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Bamboo Slat Fence

screening can also be used to add height to existing walls and fences to gain more privacy. Supplied as a 4m roll, this bamboo screen is available in a variety of heights from 1m up to 2m, providing different levels of privacy to suit everyone?s needs. Made from natural bamboo canes, this screen is…  More Info

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Umbrella Bamboo 'Asian Wonder'

…new type of ?umbrella bamboo?. This clump-forming Fargesia produces green canes that mature to crimson after 3 to 5 years establishment - don?t be afraid to remove some of the lower leaves to show them off! Easy to grow, and an ideal choice for an interesting garden screen, ?Asian Wonder? adds…  More Info

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Umbrella Bamboo 'Selection'

…is great a screen, particularly in urban areas, where it's dense foliage make it perfect for filtering out noise and pollution. Reaching over 2 metres in height, this elegant shrub easily forms clumps of gently bending green-yellow canes, whose shape gives it the name Umbrella Bamboo. Fargesia…  More Info

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Fargesia rufa

…on whether it is grown in bright light or shade. Unlike many other bamboos, Fargesia rufa is a clumping, non-invasive variety. Although it takes a little longer than running bamboos to fill in, it will grow into a dense screen that is perfect for hiding eyesores or providing privacy. Its clumping…  More Info

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Bisset's Bamboo

Bisset?s Bamboo is a green-caned variety that makes itself particularly useful in the garden. This stately Bamboo is particularly hardy and wind tolerant, making a fabulous screening plant. The narrow foliage that cloaks its upright canes is evergreen, retaining its fresh appearance even in the…  More Info

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Umbrella Bamboo 'Red Fountain'

Bamboo 'Red Fountain' is a well-behaved, clumping bamboo whose new shoots emerge green before blending to deep yellow and then changing to crimson red. This particular Fargesia is best positioned in a sunny spot for the brightest stem colour. Ideal grown at the back of borders or used for screening,  More Info

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