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Aster 'Carpet Ball Mixed'

Thick clustered, tightly-knit blooms create a colourful floral carpet. China aster 'Carpet Ball Mixed' produces neat, mound-shaped plants with the foliage almost obscured by the fully double flowers. These superb, low maintenance annuals flower over a long period throughout summer, making them ideal…  More Info

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Supa Suet Fat Ball Feeder

…for suet fat balls, fruit and even kitchen leftovers Large capacity - Capable of holding 4 x 100g fat balls Attract a vast collection of wild birds into your garden with the suet fat ball feeder. Constructed from 1 square steel mesh, this feeder is perfect for holding suet fat balls, cheese, fruit…  More Info

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Ageratum houstonianum 'Dwarf Ball Mixed'

…Ageratum provide long-lasting colour to beds, borders and containers all through the summer months and into autumn. Ageratum houstonianum ?Dwarf Ball Mixed? creates soft cushions of harmonious colour with their dense flower clusters which have a unique, fluffy appearance. Compact and easy to grow,…  More Info

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Supa Premium Fat Ball Feeder with Tray

Encourage a delightful variety of wild birds into your garden with the suet fat ball feeder with tray. Constructed from 1 square steel mesh, this feeder is perfect for holding netted and un-netted suet fat balls, cheese, fruit and even kitchen leftovers. Thanks to the feeder and the feed it…  More Info

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Kingfisher Green Powder Coated Suet Fat Ball Bird Feeder

balls, fruit and even kitchen leftovers Large capacity - Capable of holding 4 x 100gm fat balls Transform your garden into a veritable bird canteen with this green powder coated suet fat ball bird feeder. Constructed from plastic coated metal mesh, this feeder is perfect for holding suet fat balls,  More Info

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Myosotis sylvatica 'Blue Ball'

Compact and ball shaped with bright blue flowers. Culinary note: The flowers can be sprinkled over desserts to add a delicate scented flavour. For more details about edible flowers click here.  More Info

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Basil 'Purple Ball'

Basil ‘Purple Ball’ is so ornamental, it can even be used as a foliage filler alongside brightly coloured bedding in a container or window box. A Greek-style variety, it bears small, highly flavoured, purple leaves which naturally grow into a dense ball. Wonderful for edging veg beds or…  More Info

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Cornflower 'Black Ball'

Pincushion flowers in a rich milk-chocolate shade, that look almost black on cloudy days. Drifts of annual cornflower 'Black Ball' add a touch of drama to summer borders and wildlife gardens where they will attract bees and butterflies to their pretty blooms. This tall variety of Centaurea makes an…  More Info

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Buddleja davidii 'White Ball'

…slender, silvery leaves, making an excellent contrast to green or purple-leaved plants. Also known as the Butterfly Bush, Buddleja davidii 'White Ball' is highly attractive to pollinating insects, particularly butterflies. It's compact habit makes it perfect for blending into mixed borders, cottage…  More Info

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Turnip 'Golden Ball'

Turnip 'Golden Ball' delivers an exceptionally long cropping season of uniform round roots with buttery yellow flesh, perfect for use in hearty stews, casseroles and soups. Sow this very hardy variety successively and enjoy a harvest which lasts from summer through to winter. The plants are compact…  More Info

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Sorbaria sorbifolia 'Matcha Ball'

…perfect foliage shrub for small gardens, providing texture and changing colour throughout the growing season. Sorbaria sorbifolia ‘Matcha Ball’ is a compact, rounded shrub with ferny foliage that emerges with attractive reddish-peach tints in spring, later maturing to green in summer…  More Info

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Physocarpus opulifolius 'Magic Ball'

Physocarpus are prized for their beautifully coloured, lobed foliage, but Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Magic Ball’ takes this one step further – delivering a stunning spectacle of changing hues from spring until autumn. The foliage emerges amber orange in spring, transitioning to…  More Info

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Tree Peony 'Fragrant Green Ball'

…variety that is highly revered in China, Tree Peony ‘Fragrant Green Ball’ is an easy variety to grow, and a great choice for gardeners starting out on their Tree Peony journey. ‘Fragrant Green Ball’ is a vigorous, adaptable variety forming a strong, multi-branching framework.…  More Info

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Cabbage 'Ruby Ball' F1 Hybrid (Autumn)

Cabbage 'Ruby Ball' is a uniform, early maturing, vigorous red cabbage producing deep red, solid and compact heads for late summer and autumn cropping. The remarkably sweet flavour and high quality makes this RHS AGM variety ideal for cooking as well as pickling. Height: 40cm (16?). Spread: 60cm…  More Info

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High Energy Premium Fat Balls (90g)

…rare treat indeed. So with our no filler fat balls, consisting of a mix of beef suet, insects and peanuts, plus more quality bird feed regulars, you can provide an all round treat thats packed with flying fuel. Available in a variety of sizes, our fat balls are just the ticket if you want to give a…  More Info

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The Nuttery Squirrel-Proof Oval Fat Ball/Suet Cake Feeder Ocean Green

This cleverly designed feeder allows small birds to feast on calorie-rich suet cakes and fatballs whilst deterring squirrels and excluding larger birds. The Nuttery Squirrel Proof Oval Fat Ball/Suet Cake Feeder features a sturdy, squirrel-proof cage and specially designed handles to lock the lid,…  More Info

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Kingfisher Metal 3 in 1 Suet Fat Ball, Seed And Nut Feeder with Tray

…Perfect for enticing tits, woodpeckers, finches and house sparrows Versatile - 'Perfect for suet fat balls, nuts and seed mixes Transform your garden into a bird canteen with this 3-in-1 suet fat ball, seed and nut feeder. Constructed from powder coated, silver effect steel, this feeder incorporates…  More Info

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High Energy High Fat Bundle

…feel the need to come and visit. Fat Balls Suet, insects and other tasty treats all combined in one easy to offer ball that will keep a wide selection of birds popping back to your garden buffet! Simply pop one of these balls into a specially designed suet ball feeder, and watch as the birds come to…  More Info

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Courgette 'Tricolour' F1 Hybrid

…fruits of either pale green, dark green or bright yellow that look fantastic on your plate. Harvest them at golf ball size to add raw to salads or wait until they are tennis ball sized stuffing and slicing. Height: 45cm (18). Spread: 90cm (35). Culinary note: Some parts of these flowers are edible.…  More Info

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Eton Mess

…three trailing bedding plants into 1 plug cell. As these vigorous summer plants grow larger they will naturally mingle together to form a stunning ball of colour, ideal for patio containers, window boxes and hanging baskets. Just one plug will create masses of colour in a 3 litre container whilst…  More Info

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Dahlia 'Cornel Brons'

Dahlia ?Cornel Brons? has an unusual colouring ranging from copper apricot and pink tones. A great ball style Dahlia which adds character to any border or large pots. Also useful as a cut flower. Flowers well into the autumn as Dahlias do. Height: 90cm (36). Spread: 45cm (18).  More Info

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Dahlia 'Sylvia'

Curving, architectural petals form the rounded flower heads of Dahlia 'Sylvia', which are carried upon unusual brown stems. This showy ball Dahlia is perfect for delivering a warm glow to summer borders, flowering throughout summer and well into autumn. The shapely blooms make splendid cut flowers…  More Info

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Radish 'Vienna' F1 Hybrid

This giant summer radish produces large, golf ball sized roots with pure white flesh which remains firm and juicy. The crisp flesh of Radish 'Vienna' has a spicy flavour, with no sign of pithiness or bitter aftertaste. A superb radish for slicing into sandwiches and adding to delicious summer…  More Info

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Fuchsia 'Eruption'

…containers! A cascade of slender, hot pink flowers rain down from the stems of this beautiful trailing fuchsia, bursting open to form a wonderful pink ball that will bloom throughout the summer. Height and spread: 45cm (18). Supplied as 30mm plugs. Culinary information: Some parts of these flowers…  More Info

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Cucumber 'Crystal Apple'

…type.This fascinating heritage variety originates from Australia in the early 1900's. Cucumber 'Crystal Apple' crops prolifically if the large golf ball sized fruits are picked regularly. The crisp, tender flesh has a sweet flavour with no bitter after taste. This outdoor variety is best grown…  More Info

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Sherbet Lemon Mix

…The three varieties - deep blue lobelia, bright yellow bidens and crisp white verbena - are grown together and can then be used to form a stunning ball of colour. Three plugs will fill a large planter or a 14 diameter basket magnificently! .Height: 25cm (10). Trailing to approx 50cm (20) . Supplied…  More Info

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Turnip 'Silky Sweet' F1

…C, magnesium, potassium and folate, these tender turnips make for a super healthy snack or salad ingredient, and are best picked around tennis ball size. This superb F1 hybrid is ready to harvest in just 65 days – make successional sowings for a constant supply. Height: 20cm (8in). Spread:…  More Info

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Kohl Rabi 'Kolibri' F1 Hybrid

Attractive, purple-skinned roots with pure white, succulent flesh, best eaten when golf ball size, although the flesh still remains succulent and bitter free when roots are larger. Easy to grow, quick to mature in under 8 weeks from sowing. Plants have a neat, compact growth making them ideal for…  More Info

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Sweet Pea 'Sugar n Spice'™

…Spice' comes in a spectacular colour range, including bicolours. The blooms are produced all along the short stems and from each leaf node, forming a ball of rich colour when planted in hanging baskets. The plants are naturally neat and compact so there is no need for pinching. Allow 15 plants per…  More Info

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Spring Onion 'White Star'

Add a powerful punch to salads and stir fries with the golf ball sized bulbs of Spring Onion ?White Star?. The rounded, white bulbs have a superb flavour and fabulous, crisp texture. When sown successionally throughout the summer, these onions produce excellent yields. Enjoy them fresh from the…  More Info

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Allium 'Purple Sensation'

…the tulips in mid-May. No early summer garden is complete without a good drift of these. It will cause a sensation in your garden when the large ball shape flowers begin to appear. Unfailingly spectacular! Be sure to plant among other perennials that also have good structure. Height 90cm, spread…  More Info

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Potentilla fruticosa 'Kobold'

Forming a dense, bushy ball of grey green foliage, this small but well formed Shrubby Cinquefoil an ideal candidate for container growing. During summer and autumn, Potentilla fruticosa 'Kobold' constantly produces an abundance of bright, butter yellow blooms which will brighten up any part of the…  More Info

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Calibrachoa 'Can-Can Black Cherry'

…from the throat. Like other Calibrachoas, it produces jaw-dropping quantities of small flowers that cascade on trailing stems creating a bushy ball of blooms that is superb tumbling from hanging baskets and containers. This particular colourway is one of those eye-catching displays that is bound…  More Info

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Acacia dealbata

Evergreen fern-like foliage makes an attractive foil for clusters of bright yellow, fluffy ball shaped mimosa flowers. Its fragrant, nectar rich blooms are a big attraction for bees and other insects in spring. This half hardy evergreen makes an ideal specimen plant for containers, or sheltered…  More Info

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Eton Mess Pre-Planted Basket

…into one plug! All you have to do is plant it straight into your hanging baskets or patio pots. Just one 3 in 1 jumbo plug will create a fabulous display in a 3 litre container, whilst 3 jumbo plugs will turn a 35cm (14) basket into a huge ball of colour. Height: 25cm (10). Spread: 45cm (18).  More Info

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Sherbet Lemon Pre-Planted Basket

…Each young plant is effectively 3 plants pre-planted into one plug. Just one 3 in 1 jumbo plug will create a fabulous display in a 3 litre container, whilst 3 jumbo plugs will turn a 35cm (14) basket into a huge ball of colour. Height: 25cm (10). Spread: 45cm (18).Please note basket style may vary.  More Info

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Fruit Salad Pre-Planted Basket

…to do is plant it straight into your hanging baskets or patio pots. Just one 3 in 1 jumbo plug will create a fabulous display in a 3 litre container, whilst 3 jumbo plugs will turn a 35cm (14) basket into a huge ball of colour. Height: 25cm (10). Spread: 45cm (18).Please note basket style may vary.  More Info

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Squash 'Summer Mix' F1 hybrid (Summer)

…fruits if harvested regularly. These versatile Patty Pan squash can be picked at different stages depending on how they are to be cooked. Golf ball sized 'Patty Pans' are tender and soft skinned for eating whole and raw. Larger 7cm (3) fruits can be steamed or sliced for stir fries. If left…  More Info

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Bay Tree Twisted Standard

Add a touch of class to your garden with this beautiful, evergreen Bay Tree. It will thrive in any sheltered position, its neat ball of evergreen foliage sitting atop an attractive twisted stem. Ideal for creating a smart entrance either side of a doorway, or the perfect pick-me-up for your garden…  More Info

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Kokodama Green Hanging Mix

…Hanging Mix brings a stylish modern twist to the ancient Japanese horticultural practice of kokodama, which involves growing plants in a hanging ball of moss or another natural material instead of a pot. Our kokodama hanging mix contains a selection of popular houseplants presented in eco-friendly…  More Info

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Cabbage 'Primo' (Summer)

A well known and reliable variety, Cabbage 'Primo' produces solid 'ball head' summer cabbages from June to August. This popular variety is easy to grow and productive. Delicious eaten raw, steamed, or added to coleslaws and summer salads. Height: 30cm (12?). Spread: 45cm (18?).  More Info

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No Mess Easy Feed Bundle

…shapes and colours. Packed full of flying power, it?s a no mess feed that?s great all year. Fat Balls We might be trying to cut the fat out of our diets, but birds really do need it. Saturated fat balls such as these make for a great treat as the hard texture is easy to peck at, and can be easily…  More Info

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Dahlia 'Perfect Pompom Collection'

…dahlias in three sophisticated colours. The perfectly spherical flowerheads of these pompom dahlias stand up well to heavy weather and like all ball dahlias, are supported on strong, rigid stems. They are also slightly shorter than other dahlia types making them easier to place in the border and…  More Info

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Large Gold Effect Sitting Buddha Water Feature

…creates a soothing atmosphere that calms the mind and rejuvenates the spirit. Enjoy the relaxing sound of cascading water and watch as the LED light ball illuminates the water feature by day or night. Large Gold Effect Sitting Buddha Water Feature'is entirely self-contained - no need to connect to a…  More Info

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Platinum Feed Bundle

…be in vogue - so give them what they want and you?ll see visitors as varied as blackcaps and treecreepers making an appearance in your garden. This great value bundle is available as either 3 x 12.75kg bags and one 150 x box of 90g Fat Balls, or 6 x 12.75k bags with two x 150 boxes of 90g Fat Balls.  More Info

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Box Pyramid

…for creating a focal point in your garden our Buxus Pyramids can be purchased individually for creating a focal point on your patio or as pairs - perfect for flanking a doorway or set of steps. You might also want to take a look at our Buxus Balls - the perfect companion to the Buxus Pyramids.  More Info

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Thuja occidentalis 'Dawid'

Thuja occidentalis ‘Dawid’ forms neat, compact balls of evergreen yellow foliage that are perfect for adding all-season structure, colour and texture. Thuja ‘Dawid’ naturally forms a rounded shape without trimming and its dense yellow foliage retains its bright colour all…  More Info

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Clematis Vitalba

…it produces masses of small greenish-white flowers with prominent fluffy stamens which are faintly almond-scented. The flowers develop into silky balls of seed heads which persist through the winter and look wonderful backlit by the low winter sun. Pruning group 3. Maximum height: 4-8 m. Spread:…  More Info

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Buddleja glomerata 'Silver Service'

…species with woolly stems and attractive, crinkled, silver foliage. Later to flower than other Buddlejas, it bears upright panicles of fluffy balls in a soft mustard colour which resemble the blooms of Acacias. The blooms are extremely fragrant, boasting a distinctive clove-like scent. This…  More Info

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The Essential Feed Triple Bundle

…love, they are an easy to eat option for all manner of birds. Full of energy and goodness, they?re a veritable treat that your birds will adore. Fat Balls These high in fat treats are full of energy, and might even lure rarer birds such as treecreepers into your garden. Made from a mix of beef suet,…  More Info

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Coreopsis grandiflora 'Presto'

A breeding breakthrough, a true first year flowering perennial Coreopsis, ideal for planting in containers, window boxes or towards the front of borders. Naturally dwarf and compact ball-shaped plants are smothered in double golden yellow blooms all summer.  More Info

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Courgette 'Boldenice' F1 Hybrid

These stripy round fruits are a fun addition to the veg garden which kids will love. They can be harvested as young, golf-ball sized fruits when they are at their sweetest, or allowed to mature and used for stuffing. Highly productive and resistant to powdery mildew, fruits are bourne in abundance…  More Info

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Allium 'Globemaster'

The large, ball-shaped purple flower heads, of Allium 'Globemaster' have a magnificent architectural presence in sunny borders. This well-known, magnificent variety holds an RHS Award of Garden Merit for its outstanding performance. Plant them in large groups for a bold impact. Also excellent as a…  More Info

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Marigold 'Colossus'

Giant heads, larger than a golf-ball, in rich bicolour shades of red and orange make this French Marigold one of the largest, and a striking feature for beds and borders. A premier bedding plant, easily grown to give non-stop summer. Culinary note: The citrus tasting flowers have many uses, try them…  More Info

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Armeria 'Ballerina Lilac'

A favourite for use in rockeries and coastal gardens thanks to its inbuilt drought resistance, salt-tolerance and windproof blooms and foliage, we’ve selected this extra large-flowered sea thrift variety for planting in your summer bedding schemes and containers. Armeria 'Ballerina Lilac' is a…  More Info

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Cephalanthus 'Magical Moonlight'

…celestial feeling to your garden through midsummer, but you will love the intensely-rich perfume. In autumn its lychee-like fruits (the size of golf balls) offer up an abundance of seeds for wild birds. Thriving in most non-alkaline soils, this variety even copes on difficult damp ground where the…  More Info

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Dahlia 'Boom Boom White'

Dahlia ‘Boom Boom White’ delivers a knockout punch with its classy blooms. Neatly rounded, ball-shaped heads are densely packed with gleaming white petals , flushed with a delicate hint of greenish-yellow in the centre. Blooms average 10cm across but with disbudding will reach up to…  More Info

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Abelia zanderi 'Little Richard'

This dwarf Abelia is perfect for small spaces or container growing. Abelia zanderi 'Little Richard' forms a ball-shaped shrub composed of arching branches clothed in semi-evergreen leaves. The foliage emerges bright red in spring and matures to a glossy, rich green. From July until the first frosts,…  More Info

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Aubergine 'Baby Black Jack'

A remarkable micro aubergine, 'Baby Black Jack' is a game changer in compact vegetable gardening! Standing at just 30-35cm tall, this extraordinary variety produces an abundance of golf-ball-sized fruit in convenient clusters. Plants are totally spineless, so harvesting these tiny treasures is a…  More Info

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Nature?s Market Premium Bird Table with Built-in Feeder

…and the roof provides a shelter to keep the feed dry and fresh. This table is absolutely ideal for gardens without trees to hang bird feeders from and can be used with all types of feed including suet fat balls, suet pellets, seed mixes and more. SpecificationsDimensions: W46 x H117cmWeight: 2.94kg  More Info

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