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Earth Cycle Compost Soil Conditioner

…in clay soils. It also promotes beneficial soil microorganisms that help to suppress plant diseases. This Earth Cycle compost made from recycled plant material is a fantastic multi-purpose product for any garden, improving the health and vigour of your flowers, vegetables and fruit. 40 litre bags,  More Info

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Plant Halos

The perfect growing companion for grow bags, large pots or any veg garden, Plant Halos offer an 'all in one' watering and crop support solution for popular crops such as tomatoes, peppers and beans. Plant Halos can be used on grow bags, pots (with a diameter of 26cm and above), raised beds, as well…  More Info

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Mighty Dripper

…individual requirements and six independently adjustable drippers. A full water bag will last for over 24 hours so that you can go away, or rest from watering the plants daily. The water moistens only the soil and not the leaves, reducing the risk of insect and fungal problems. Ideal for…  More Info

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…boosting soil fertility and healthy plant growth.* Retains warmth in the soil, helping to insulate roots from the cold. Perfect for mulching half-hardy species such as Dahlia tubers.* Peat free. Incredimulch is FSC Certified, sustainably sourced, grown and produced in the UK. Large 60 litre bag.  More Info

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Greenvale Organic Pelleted Chicken Manure

…Provides a balanced formula of nutrients with slow-release action. Can be used as a compost activator and to make liquid feeds. A poultry manure based fertiliser which also acts as a soil conditioner. Pelleted for ease of use.* Apply 120-200g per sq.m.* N 4.5%, P 3.2%, K 3.1%, Ca 9.0.* 25kg bag.  More Info

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RHS SylvaGrow peat-free planter for organic growing

…for organic tomatoes, strawberries, salads, herbs and much more. Melcourt SylvaGrow is the market-leading brand of 100% peat-free and fully sustainable, environmentally friendly products. Their entire range has been endorsed by the RHS and conforms to Soil Association Standards. 45 litre bag.  More Info

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Tomato 'Alicante'

…?Alicante? produces an excellent crop of medium sized fleshy fruits full of delicious flavour. It is quite versatile as it will thrive in grow bags, soil, outdoors or under glass. If space is limited or you have only a balcony this is not an issue as they grow well in containers. Companion planting:…  More Info

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