Bacopa Cordata Snowtopia White

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Bacopa 'Snowtopia'

…plants from June to September. They're just the job for filling out your hanging baskets and window boxes. The tumbling, evergreen stems of Bacopa ?Snowtopia' bear a smothering of snow-white flowers throughout summer, keeping baskets looking full of colour for longer.…  More Info

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Bumper Garden Collection

…veined, and some with bright, white stars. * Begonia semperflorens 'Lotto Mixed' - Exceptionally large flowered variety compared to normal Begonia semperflorens cultivars. * Bacopa cordata 'Snowtopia White' - Trailing, evergreen stems bear a…  More Info

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Hanging Basket Collection

…flowers are always dazzling come rain or shine.* Begonia semperflorens ?Lotto Mixed? - An exceptionally large flowered variety compared to normal Begonia semperflorens cultivars.* Bacopa cordata ?Snowtopia? - The trailing, evergreen stems bear a smothering of…  More Info

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Bacopa 'Topia' Duo

…trailing plants, that have small evergreen leaves and petite flowers, that bloom throughout the summer. The flowers are mauve and white in colour. Height: 15cm (6). Spread: 45cm (18).* Bacopa 'Topia' Duo comprises:* Bacopa 'Bluetopia' - Mauve blue flowers.*   More Info

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